Number of Lyrics in Album : 8
By Abigor, A fallout force – a fatal vision Battlestar Abigor Decolour the universe
By Abigor, Hail you forgotten gods Sleeping the step of death Return to blood
By Abigor, I am the heart of battle I am the arm of
By Abigor, Azrael! Angel of death Go forth into that dark night On the
By Abigor, Interconstellar eclipse caused By protoplasmic bombardments Extraterrestrial invaders encompass the universe Infernal invasion
By Abigor, What means imagination If not the trigger To pure hell? The chaos nova
By Abigor, Overwhelming fear As all nightmares come to life Extracted pain unfolds within
By Abigor, It feels so cold tonight My skin has turned to ice Dead