D12 World Album by D12
Number of Lyrics in Album : 20
By D12, [Intro (background WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!)] Yeah nigga! It's D12 up in
By D12, [Eminem] Good mornin Haha, wake your mother fuckin asses up Yo what is
By D12, Chorus-B Real I'm a little bit off the chain, you can
By D12, [Intro: Eminem] Cuz Bitches always be all... gigglin and shit. (come
By D12, Bizarre: Shit Dog, I jus tell him ... mother-fucker the
By D12, [Bugz] Fuck that! Who run shit, watch these drums hit You dove head
By D12, [Kuniva] Yo, testing This thing back on again Alright, perfect, God damn good Yo,
By D12, [Intro] Welcome to D12 World! Where you can get anything from sex,
By D12, [Kuniva] That shit was off the hook. That shit was hype ass
By D12, [Eminem] I'm gonna get my gun! (Interlude) Eminem: This motherfucker wants to disrespect
By D12, [Eminem] 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 ,4, 3, 2, 1 Ready
By D12, [Intro] Dawg....I shouldn't have left, They wouldn't have tried this shit
By D12, [Eminem] so i changed huh? You got a phone pick it
By D12, [Intro - Proof] Yeeaah! This is DJ Seven Deuce, live at Club
By D12, [Chorus - Bizarre's son?] Daddy? I wanna be just like When I grow
By D12, [Intro- Bizarre] Yea Detroit mother fucker DJ Green Lantern (the evil genious) D12 We aint
By D12, [Chorus: Eminem] Yall better leave dat boy alone Cuz if
By D12, (Intro) I don't know, dude ... I think everybody's all jealous and
By D12, Kum ba yah, Kum ba yah Kum ba yah, D12, Kum
By D12, [Kon Artis - Chorus] Now out of all the women in