Devil's Night Album by D12
Number of Lyrics in Album : 19
By D12, Hahahaha [Eminem] its shit like this i kick to these rich
By D12, [Eminem] I'm the Devil If ever there was such a thing The results
By D12, Announcer: OK... This is ANOTHER public service announcement brought to you in part
By D12, Bizarre: Shit Dog, I jus tell him ... mother-fucker the
By D12, Swifty: Huh, yeah this's just one of those days when yo'
By D12, [Eminem] I make music to make you sick of fake music Hate
By D12, [Chorus: Eminem] This kind of music, use it, and you get
By D12, Eminem Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss) Ayo dog I got some shit on my
By D12, I'm an instigator [Chorus] I'm an instigator Nigga can't you see I'm an instigator Ain't
By D12, Stop You want me to do what? What are those? You want me
By D12, *knstrr... frrrs....* Proof as DJ: Yeah, this is DJ Seven Deuce for
By D12, G-shit What up? I gotta tell you motherfuckers the truth This is straight
By D12, [Bizarre]Yeah, welcome to Amityville [Swifty]Detroit Nigga [Bizarre]The reason why rappers gotta pack
By D12, [Eminem] Ugh.. yo yo yo, yo [Chorus: Eminem] I take a couple uppers,
By D12, Chorus: Eminem] I don't wanna go to school (I don't need
By D12, Shit can happen Shit can happeeen Shit can happen Shit can happeeen Shit can
By D12, [Eminem]Hey Steve, Vanessa said you waned to see me [Steve]Marshall, I
By D12, niggas.. nigga's?? niggas rappers whiteys jews This is how it happens to you That's how people
By D12, (fading in) Shit can happen Shit can happen Shit can happen (throw ya