Song Titles
Song for the Leftovers
By A Camp , So - The night is on the edge now Hanging low against the
So Many Questions
By A Side , So - Have you seen her? Did you see her pass this way? What
Soft Rains Of April
By A-Ha , So - The soft rains of April are over The soft rains of
By A-Ha , So - Some sign of forgiveness Some form of release Is all
Solo Con Mirarte
By A.5 , So - ANGEL Solo con mirarte sin decirte nada sucedió lo q temía
So Quiet
By A.J. Rafael , So - So I know this little lady, She makes my head go
Solo Por Ser Indios
By A.n.i.m.a.l , So - Peleando por su cultura derramando sangre en las tierras terror y fe castigados
Somebody's Son
By Aaron Lines , So - I was watching the news tonight Anchorman said there was
Somewhere Somebody
By Aaron Neville , So - Must be a million girls in this great big city
Song Of Bernadette
By Aaron Neville , So - There was a child named Bernadette I heard the story, long
Something Goin On Here
By Aaron Pritchett , So - ive thought about it, analyzed it you kissin me verifies it ooo
So Hard To Leave
By Aaron Rothe , So - Finding it so hard to leave tonight I'm already home And I
Some Never Will
By Aaron Watson , So - With the world in the palm of his hands Slipping through
Something With a Swing to It
By Aaron Watson , So - Well I was thumbing through the channels And I saw a
Sooner Or Later
By Abandoned Pools , So - Well sooner or later It's all coming down I float down a
So Long
By Abba , So - Abba - So Long You think you're gonna make me softer
By Abba , So - Abba - Soldiers Do I hear what I think I'm hearing
By Abba , SO - Abba - SOS Where are those happy days, They seem so
So Hip It Hurts
By ABC , So - Do you remember when men wore skirts (so hip) In kipper
Soil Of Souls
By Abigor , So - Souls of infidel men Is a fertile soul Like dusky forest grow On
By Abomination , So - We think we're men of steel We're angry and we're fueled Commanding,
Somebody (Depeche Mode cover)
By Abreaction , So - I want somebody to share, Share the rest of my life, Share
Sofia - Hypnotized
By Absolute Kidz , So - I see you looking at me When I'm moving You
Some Sin For Nuthin
By AC/DC , So - Heroes, hard to find Don't make the news till they do time Schemers
Soul Stripper
By AC/DC , So - Well I met her in the garden Underneath that old apple