Song Titles
By A Moti Sol , Sp - Soldið skrýtin, soldið þvæld Samt ekk' of mikið, ekk' útpæld Þó ekkert
Speak Wihtout Faith
By A Perfect Murder , Sp - We Built This Scene With Nothing But Heart Real Kids Making
Speed Of Dark
By A Wilhelm Scream , Sp - The body's singing without speaking. You bit your brass ring off
Spectacle City
By The A.K.A.S , Sp - The writing on the walls says this town ain't ours
Spin 1
By Aaradhna , Sp - [Che fu:] Ye-yeah [Che fu:] Wassup love [Aaradhna:] Hey man [Che fu:] Yeah [Aaradhna:] Whatchu listen to? [Che fu:] Fire and
Spektrale Schattenlichter
By Abigor , Sp - Schmerz ist das Wissen... Der am meisten weih, Der fiihlt am tiefsten
Sphinctral Enthrallment
By Aborted , Sp - Fecal obsession, Fixated on my own turds sewed down the anus forcing
Spiralling (Erasure cover)
By Abreaction , Sp - I try hard To put you out of mind Every night alone I'm
Spice Girls - Holler
By Absolute Kidz , Sp - Spice Girls Darkchild, 2000 I wanna make you holler (Come on, uh, yeah
Spice Girls - Wannabe
By Absolute Kidz , Sp - Yo! I'll tell you what I want What I really really
By AC/DC , Sp - Blinded by a bright beam Shattered by the windscreen Stunned by the
Spoilin' for a Fight
By AC/DC , Sp - I see trouble coming man, Well I’m coming back to a
Spaghetti Junction In The Rearview
By Across Five Aprils , Sp - Shadows turn to shape, as another day slips away Without
Spring Break My Heart
By Adelphi , Sp - the wind hits my eyes close and out comes youth sound sounded
Spring Break My Heart
By Adelphi Rock , Sp - the wind hits my eyes close and out comes youth sound sounded
By Adema , Sp - Theres so many people dying, You complain about your situation, What about
By , Sp - Zamenju sem bolcne, gume, frgazar, èeprav veste vsi, da drgaè sem
Spomin Na Maj
By Adi Smolar , Sp - Prišel je èas toplejših dni. Vedno raje sem zunaj, mesto lepše
By Adi Smolar , Sp - Politièna je scena v Sloveniji v krizi, pozna se, da že
Spiritual Weaponry
By Adorned Brood , Sp - This light that I see deep inside, songs from Walhalla they
By Aerosmith , Sp - Spaced in time child of nine Doin' twenty years on the
Spiderman Theme
By Aerosmith , Sp - Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can Spins a web,
Space Walking
By After The Fire , Sp - I was drifting in space I was floating in time With the
Split Apart
By Aggro-Fate , Sp - Its Gonna Stop Right NOW!!!! I Never do anything right in the
Speaking of Love
By Air Supply , Sp - I’ve been in love, I’ve walked alone I turned to you,