Enjoy The Chocolate Martini
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The Chocolate Martini

As always insight comes to me in the latest hour of the evening. This evening was all about satisfaction, which is actually a very rare thing in our society. The satisfaction was due to the consumption of the very delightful and delicious chocolate martini. The search for the most amazing chocolate martini has taken me some time, as has the research for this column. I believe the reason it has taken so long is because the chocolate martini and a woman’s love for it is unbelievably complicated. This martini was also very hard for me to research because after eating mass amounts of chocolate everyday since the age of 8, I developed an allergy to chocolate a few years ago and now I am denied my only true addiction. Some people say quitting smoking is hard, it was nothing compared to my withdrawal from chocolate, let’s just say a month of nasty PMS does not even hold a candle to what I went through.

The chocolate martini is the most decadent drink you can have. The visual of this martini makes your mouth water, a beautiful chilled martini glass with chocolate syrup swirled on the inside, the liquor and cream layered beautifully and then on the top! Dark chocolate shavings with a strawberry and chocolate stick to garnish. Just looking at this martini arouses all your senses. The first sip is always with great anticipation because you want it to be as good as it looks. But after you let the taste savor in your mouth and the chocolate sensation hits your brain, it produces that slow satisfied smile. Your eyeballs roll into the back of your head and you announce to your girlfriends, oh ya ladies this is the one!

Drinking this martini is like finding the perfect lover, for it produces all the same results. When a woman eats chocolate a chemical is released in her brain, this chemical is also released when she has an orgasm. Hello Men!! Now you know why woman love chocolate so much!!!! This explains a lot of the how and why woman eat chocolate. Women crave chocolate more at certain times of the month, which is usually when they are the horniest!

The more sex a woman gets the more she wants it! The chocolate martini is the best combination in the liquid world, a blend of vodka, crème de cacao, godiva chocolate liquor and half and half crème. There are a lot of things you can do with chocolate, you can eat it, melt it, mold it, and you can even lick it (hopefully off someone else)! But the best thing to do with it is drink it.

A woman’s love of chocolate is universal; I have yet to find a woman who does not like it. Most women crave it! And many have to eat it everyday. Men do not have the same desire for it; they like it but can go without. However if it is in the house it has to be hidden because if the men find it, the chocolate is gone. A woman’s craving for chocolate is to satisfy her physical need for an orgasm. The rituals around chocolate are similar to the rituals around female masturbation. Both things are done in private, they both are completely self indulgent. Some woman view chocolate and masturbation as a treat and some woman can feel guilty for consuming to much chocolate and guilty for masturbating to frequently. However both chocolate and masturbation produce that amazing feeling of satisfaction. After much research I was delighted to find out that I can at least drink the chocolate martini. Thank god for that or I would be horizontal all the time.

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