A simple idea with great money making potential!

By: Michael J. Mcgroarty

Travel is one of the most popular words being searched on the
internet, and that has been the case for a very long time.

Even after the 9/11.

It dropped off for a while, but only a short while, it's back near
the top again.

Knowing this, I have two new web sites planned that are going
to be on travel themes. I won't tell you what they are just yet,
but I will tell you how you to can capitalize on this theory, and
how we can work as a group to cross promote each other.

My problem is that I just can't find the time to get them done.
But that's my problem, and I'll find a way to make it work.

I want you to think about creating a tourist guide book about
an area that you know fairly well. In other words, if somebody
wanted to travel to Atlanta, Georgia for whatever reason, what
should they see and do while they are there?

But I think your guide book should be very different from the
tourist information that is already available. Sure you can
mention all the big attractions, museums etc. But it should
also list the things that you do in your area for fun, that are
not typically listed in tourist information packages.

Not only could you offer hotel/motel listings, but you could
also tell them why they should stay in a given area.

For me, trying to decide which hotel to pick is always
extremely difficult. All you have to go by is the advertising created
by the hotel. Wouldn't it be nice to have an unbiased opinion
at least about what area would be best for the kind of activities
you plan to do?

For instance, in the Cleveland area there is a little tiny
amusement place that has batting cages, bumper boats,
go carts, and video type games.

It's not a big place, but the last time I was there they had a
deal on the go carts where you could buy an all day pass
for about $18.00 and ride the carts as many times as you

Now that may not appeal to you, but for a family with go cart
age children that would be an absolute hoot!

There is also a little place where you can play polo with
dodgem type cars.

These fun places are never advertised in tourist packages.

Have a section for seniors, a section for families with small
children, a section for families with teenage children, and a
section for young adults.

I don't think we can get $39.97 for these little E-books, but
I think we could sell a ton of them at $11.97 to $19.97.

And if you create a small web site exclusively dedicated to
this one location, it is quite possible that you could get a
significant amount of traffic from the search engines.

Let's say that 100 of us did this, and each one of us had a
web site that was exclusive to a specific location, and we
all used Clickbank to sell our E-books. We could all have
hoplinks to each others sites, and earn commission from the
sale of each others E-books.

Just by joining in on this idea, you could almost instantly have
100 products that you could be making money on.

The chances of selling our own E-book at full price would be
very strong, because the visitor had an interest in our location
to begin with. But when people are just in the planning stages
of a vacation, they are weighing all their options, and very well
could buy a number of E-books before deciding on their final

And when you really think about, it only makes sense to do
so. If you're going to spend $2,000. to $5,000. for a family
vacation, wouldn't it be smart to invest $100. or more to make
sure you have a great time. And even if they only vacation to
one of the cities they considered, they have already done
most of the research for next years vacation.

I won't tell you that you can get rich on this brainstorm of mine,
but maybe you can make a few bucks.

What if somebody else is already doing the area or city that you
wanted to do?

It doesn't matter. Do it any way. You will have your own web
site, and your own independent marketing. The only thing
you will be doing is cross promoting each other, and you only
have to do that if you choose to. But think about this.

If I am going to travel to New Orleans, I am going to spend a
considerable amount of money just getting there. Then I am
going to spend a whole bunch more money while I am there,
or I'm not going.

Would I buy two homemade tourist guides before making that
trip? You bet I would. If I'm going on vacation I don't want to
miss a thing while I'm there!

What did I leave out?

You can also sell advertising in your tour guideFree Articles, that should
bring in a few thousand.

You could buy a van and give tours of the area.

You could open a bed and breakfast.

You could do a ton of things!


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