the dream

By: Maegan Zucconi

I tried to get away! My speed began to slow down. What was happening? I ran, but it seemed like hours that I had been running now. Slow motion, that’s it! I was running in slow motion. Run faster dammit! I can’t run! I had left a trail of blood behind me. Am I out of his range? God, help me! Help me now! Please!
I ran as fast as I could. The cut began to sting as the fresh blood oozed out of the wound and onto my shirt. I fell. Things blurred all around me. Was I dying? I had to pick myself up. What’s happening to me? The freshly cut grass, the blue cloudy sky, the kids laughing in their backyards, the sun bursting with heat, everything was fading, and I felt so drained. I felt like I, too, was fading. I had no energy. I had to get home.
I picked myself up, and limped my way home. It seemed so far out of the million steps I had to take. Just one more block. Just one more. Nothing was moving, the world stood still. Too quiet. Way too quiet.
I strained my hand around to my back, and felt the wound. It was deep. Way deep. I shot my hand back around from the agony of my wounded back, and saw the red fleshy blood that dripped from my fingers. My stomach screamed, and my mind jumped. My heart beat three times faster, and the more I panicked the more oxygen I lost. I calmed myself, but still found myself losing breath. I had to get to the hospital. MOM! I NEED YOU!
I ran inside, holding my stomach, and I was hunkered over like I was going to throw up. And I did. Dry heaves. The worst. I hadn’t eaten anything, so it hurt to throw up. Not only was I in aching pain, I had dry heaves. Gross!
I pushed the door open and fell to the floor. In that instance, mother came to the rescue!
“Oh my gosh! What in the hell happened to you?" she said, reaching to help me up. She dragged my sluggish body to a secure resting ground inside.
“Uh . . . some . . .one . . . . . . help me! Doc . . .tor . . . hos . . pit . . .al. . . get me . . .to . . .a . . .hospi . . .tal! Now!" I said, gasping every word.
“Oh, God! I gotta get you to the emergency room!" she said.
She grabbed for me, and headed to the hospital. Still, I was gasping for oxygen. This time it was harder breathing. Was I going to die? Was this my fate? Why was this happening? Why is God doing this to ME?
I asked myself many questions. I had to keep my mind off the pain, so I had to distract myself.
Once we got there, they wanted us to wait. But when they saw my wound, and the look of anger on my mother’s face, they had to get us in there.
After the screaming of the stitches and the many drugs they put my on, I didn’t feel that bad anymore. They had put me on one of those oxygen tanks. I fell asleep finally, and I didn’t wake up till the next day.
The next morning, everything felt so much better. I didn’t have a problem breathing anymore.
The tank was still hooked to my nostrils, but I kinda liked that better. It was much cleaner than the air outside.
My eyes opened to my mother, my grandparents, my brother, all my cousins, my best friend Kim, and my boyfriend Kyle all hovered over me. Kyle was holding my hand and crying. Everyone else was bawling their eyes out. Do they care that much?
When they finally let me go, I was stitched up pretty good, and I was breathing normal. Although, it still hurt to laugh, so everyone stayed quiet.
No one said a word to me about what had happened.

They didn’t ask. Did they care what happened to me? Do they care? They must! They must care, they probably don’t want me to speak.
I saw a note being passed in my direction.
“Hey, um . . . I am so sorry about what happened. By the way, what did happen?"
It was from Kyle.
“Well, I was walking outside, getting some air, and then someone just started carrying on a conversation with me, and he looked kinda familiar. Well, then he like stabbed me. All the way down my back."
I sent the note back, and he scribbled something down and passed it back.
“Yes, I know."
When we got home, everyone doctored me, and waited on me hand and foot. I’ll admit . . . it was awesome! I felt like a princess. But when I wanted my peace, they wouldn’t stop asking me “are you okay? Do you need something? Can I fill your drink for you? Oh, sweetie, let m plump your pillow for you."
That kinda got annoying after awhile. Especially when you have all your family asking you the same questions, and there are so many coming at you.
Once they all left, it was good. No one bothered me anymore. I felt, like, so exhausted.
Finally, I saw Kyle appear in my room.
“You okay sweetie?" he said.
“Yeah, I’m fine."
“I know you probably shouldn’t be talking, but I just had to see if you —“
"Shh . . ."
I leaned forward towards his smooth face, and gave him a kiss. He smiled and then hugged me gently.
“Urmm . . ." I murmured.
“Oh, sorry sweetie!" he said, letting his arms dangle softly around my waist. Brushing his fingers gently up and down my back. “I love you." he said.
Tears rolled down my face, and he gently slid his arms out through mine.
“I love you too." I said. He smiled.
A tear slid down my cheek shimmering and glistening as it dampened my cheek. Kyle brushed a finger on my cheek and flicked the tear away. He stared in my eyes, and then gave me a kiss.
He slowly pulled away from me and slid out of the door. “You better get some rest, boo." he said.
I simply smiled and said, “okay."
He walked out, and shut my door gently.
I slept until the next morning.
Sunday. I really didn’t want to get up, but I knew I had to. Plus Mom had to dress my wound again. I can’t tell if she wanted to either. It was a long day yesterday, I’m not quite sure if she’ll make me stay home, or make me go. She’ll probably have many people praying over me. Grrreeeaaatt . . .
I hopped out of bed and came straight to mom.
“I’ll dress your wound when you get your shower. Be careful of your stitches." she said.
“Okay mom."
So after my shower I ran to my mom to quickly dress my wound so I could get dressed myself.
“Hey mom, can you wrap me now?" I said.
“Shh . . . your daddy is still sleeping!"
“Oh, okay." I whispered.
“Okay, now where is that wrapping stuff?" she said.
She searched for the wrap, at least for ten minutes.
She found the wrapping tape, and dressed my wound. I ran to my room to hurry and get ready. We were running late.
I dressed myself very carefully and then made my face up. I blow dried my hair very carefully, grabbed my purse, and waited for Mom to put her shoes on.
“Wait! I gotta brush my teeth!"
I rushed to brush my teeth and then we headed off to church.
Once there, I was greeted by all my friends. Kyle was there. He was, fortunately, the only one who knew about the stab in my back. Everyone else was dumbfounded.
“You okay today?" Kyle whispered.
“Yeah, I’m alright. I just can’t have everyone asking questions, so could you please not tell anyone?" I whispered back.
“You got it!" he silently yelled.
Friends everywhere assumed I was sick because I was hunched over. I didn’t want anyone to know, so I let them think so.
When church was over, the family went out to eat, and we asked Kyle to come. Kyle held my hand, especially when I ate. It hurt to eat.
After lunch we did our shopping spree and then went to Menthano (Sunday School) where all the High School students and Jr. High students were upstairs, and the men where down stairs, and the rest of everyone were in the sanctuary.
When we were all upstairs and sat down I sat my Kyle and James. Well, James likes to poke me in my side or my back depending on how I’m sitting or standing.
So he poked me close to where my stitches were. His finger pressed so hard I bent backwards in aching pain, and the wound opened up.
I didn’t notice that it was open, it only stung from bending backwards. So I thought nothing of it.
“Oh my god! Maegan, you’re bleeding! What is that? Why is the cut so long?" James said. He lifted the back of my shirt and freaked.
I touched the blood that was trickling down my spine, and shot my hand in front of my face to see.
“Oh My God!!!!!! Mrs. Kindelle! I need to go to the bathroom!" I yelled across the room.
“No one leaves the class." she said.
“But, Mrs. Kindelle, it’s a medical issue."
“I’m sure it can wait till the end of class."
I smacked my lips together, and my heart beat fast. Was I going to die now? Was I going to really die inside of a church? Will God help me? Will he save me?
Everyone stared. I started to cough and then I saw blood.
What the hell?
“Oh my god, Maegan! You’re coughing up blood! You need to get outta here!" James said.
Kyle stared at my hands then at my back then back at my hands. He could contradict what was happening to me. First I get stabbed by some psycho, now I’m coughing up blood.
“Mrs. Kindelle, please!" I begged.
“I’m sorry. What is going on? I can’t hear you." she said.
I walked up to her, shaking. “Um . . . I feel . . . um . . .I um . . ."
Then . . .
I fainted . . .

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