The Truth About Joint Ventures

By: Jason Mangrum

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I'm sick and tired of getting hundreds (sometimes thousands) of Joint Venture proposals per week, all claiming the same thing...

'We assure you that our product is not in direct competition with yours...'

My only reply: 'Who cares if it IS?'

Now, I know that this article may go against almost everything you've ever been taught about Joint Venture Marketing, but I think it's high time someone laid out the truth about JV's. By the time you finish reading this article, you'll understand that in MOST cases...

'There is NO SUCH THING as Direct Competition!'

Whew... There. I said it. ;-)

Think about it.

Let's say you're selling an eBook on 'Make Money with ABC' and the other guy is selling an eBook on 'Make Money with XYZ'. Normally, to most people it would seem that these two are in direct competition with each other.


Here's why:

Because unless Mr. ABC and Mr. XYZ had word-for-word, line-for-line, page-by-page the EXACT same content within their eBooks, (which is quite unlikely) they could both sell these eBooks to the exact same market, and most likely would be able to sell to the exact same customer.

Ok ok, now I can hear you saying 'But if Bob bought the ABC eBook before he found the XYZ eBook, he probably wouldn't buy from Mr. XYZ because he'd already have what he was looking for from Mr. ABC!'

Sorry, but WRONG again...

To prove this statement, look no further than your own computer.

How many Internet Marketing related eBooks do you have?

Ok, let's get more specific...

Let's say you're interested in Search Engine Positioning.

Are you going to only buy ONE book on SE positioning?

Or are you going to try out several different books, knowing that you just might find different information, or even a different perspective or view on SE positioning?

Another example...

Let's say you're interested in Copywriting.

Now, are you going to only purchase one book on copywriting and consider yourself 'well versed' on the subject after you've read it?

Didn't think so.

This little 'rule' applies to virtually any information product, UNLESS you're selling the exact same thing. (i.e. you've bought reseller rights, you're an affiliate, you run the same service, etc...)

So, now that you've realized that direct competition is only a 'myth', you've unknowingly opened the doors to unlimited possibilites with your own products and services.

Stop being an enemy of your 'competition' and become their friend!

If you own an info-product, (as long as you're the only one selling it) research your closest possible 'competition', and offer them a Joint Venture. You may want to enlighten them to the fact that you're not really in any competition since both of your audiences are extremely targeted to each other. Then, simply do a cross-promotion.

I'll give you an example.

Let's say, I just created an eBook on Joint Ventures.

Then, I search for the closest competition I can find. Once I've found what I was looking for, I would email them (or phone them) and let them know that I would like to sell their JV eBook as a back-end to my JV eBook.

I could simply place it under a 'Highly Recommended Reading' Column, or just send a mailing to my customer list about it.

(notice I'm telling them what I would like to do for THEM before I ever mention what I want them to do for ME...)

I would then continue by telling them that any time someone purchases their eBook from my efforts, THEY would keep 100% of the profits.

This would be 100% FREE advertising for them, and that's REALLY hard to say 'no' to. ;-)

I would then ask them if they would be willing to do the same thing for me, except I would let them use an affiliate link, so they can still profit from MY eBook when they make a sale from their efforts.

This may seem crazy at first, but if you try to see this JV through the eyes of your potential partner (or 'competition) you'll understand that I'm placing their needs and wants FAR above my own. This shows them that I am willing to lose a little on the deal for THEIR benefit. And more often than not, they'll not only accept the offer, but they'll insist that I use an affiliate link for their product as well. :-)

There you have it.

I've just eliminated my 'competition' by becoming their friend, and in doing so, I'm getting FREE advertising from extremely laser-targeted PAYING customers who are definitely interested in what I have to offer.

Now, go use your imagination and think of some JV's you can do with your 'direct competition' to befriend them. You'll soon realize you never had any REAL competitors in the first place.


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