7 Ways to Prolong the Motorcycle Using Age

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When you but see an , or a motorcycle, after you spend much money for it, what it the next step? How to use it for a long time.
Every driver hopes extend the motorcycle or using age. Motorcycle using age is calculated by kilometers when motorcycle is total repaired.
Chinese ATV or motorcycle's age is from 50 thousand kilometers to 100 kilometers according to the way using motorcycle.
In that means, how to use motorcycle take great influence on motorcycle age.
What is the sign for total repair? A important sign is the piston and cylinder abrasion. Cylinder abrasion is a key sign. When the cylinder abrases, space between piston and cylinder becomes bigger, and it makes noises and leak. It makes fuel consumption raise quickly, and drive inefficiency. It's time for total repair.
Total repair includes piston-cylinder space adjusting and change the piston. Chinese ATV's piston-cylinder space is about 0.05mm to 0.07mm. The most important things is how to avoid cylinder abrasion. Now we are discussing what to do for avoiding cylinder abrasion.
1. A good warm-up for new motorcycle
For example, when you buy a new 125cc motorcycle, though new motorcycle's piston and cylinder are lucent, but it's crude when taking a carefully look. The crude part is easy hurt when it's endured heavy power, and make cylinder been demaged.
So when you are using new motorcycle, you have to take a low speed until cylinder's crude part is rubdown. You can extend the cylinder age by this way which has been proved by scientist.
When a new motorcycle is made, factory demands user take preparative drive which is about 1 kilometer to 2 kilometers. During preparative drive, some factory installs items to limit driving speed. It's better not driving carrying another people. For the 2 stroke motorcycle, gasoline lubricant ratio should be up to 20:1 which is the best ratio for new motorcycle.

Cleaning air into cylinder
If air coming through the air cleaner includes some dust, it will enhance cylinder's abrasion. So we must keep the cylinder air very clean. Now Chinese motorcycle uses air cleaner, we should clean the dust per 1000 kilometers. In the other hand, we should always check the airproof of the air cleaner avoiding air entering cylinder directly.
3. Cylinder need good lubricant
Liquid attrition is better than dry attrition. To avoid the dry attrition, we should use lubricant to keep the cylinder and piston smooth in order to build liquid attrition. It requires lubricant to be viscous. Lubricant's viscidity relates to temperature, we use different lubricant according to different season.
Due to the international standard, summer lubricant is SAE10W/30 SD grade API class. According to China standard, we use No.6 lubricant for winter, No.10 for spring/autumn, No.15 for summer.
Moreover, we should always check lubricant pressure and staff guage in order not to use motorcycle without enough lubricant.
4. Engine works flexibly
The major reason for engine's burst shake is fast gasoline burning. Burst shake generates powerful momentum and shake the cylinder result in cylinder abrasion.
The reason for fast gasoline burning is following:
Gasoline is not fit for engine's compression ratio.
According to motorcycle standard, high compression ratio engine should use 93# gasoline, and low compression ratio engine use 90# gasoline. It will abrase cylinder if high compression ratio engine uses 90# gasoline.
Engine's rotate speed is between max torque and max power. Chinese motorcycle is 3000r/min to 5000r/min. Every gear has it's speed range.
If drives don't change gears in time and accelerate the motorcycle, it will make shaking noise in the cylinder.
5. Avoiding cylinder mucosity
Cylinder mucosity is mucosity between piston and cylinder. The reason for this are lacking of lubricant or lubricant doesn't work because of engine's cool problem. How to avoid engine's over heat?
On one hand, we always clean heat disperser and make it better heat disperse function. On the other hand we should pay attention to disperser's temperature.
The normal temperature is under 180 degree, and we can check it by thermometer. Driver can also test the temperature by slobber. When the slobber makes the disperser noisy like zizi~~~, it means disperser's high temperature. We have to stop driving and cool the motorcycle.
Driving in a cool temperature can avoid cylinder mucosity.
Furthermore, when you discover driving speed is falling after accelerating, you must stop driving immediately.
Because it's the auspice for cylinder mucosity. After engine gets cool, we should unload the piston and polish the piston surface adhere to cylinder by sand paper.
Only by this way we you save the cylinder, otherwise cylinder will broken.

6. Avoiding using motorcycle when it's cold.
Lubricant is frozed and it doesn't work in winter. Then we should warm up motorcycle. The method is running the engine before driving. Lubricant will work after warm-up.
7. Avoiding charcoal dropping into cylinder.
There is some charcoal on the top of piston and cylinder head. Charcoal will hurt cylinder when it drops into the cylinder.
In order to reduce the charcoal, we have to use professional lubricant.
Driver also needs to clean charcoal on the piston, too much charcoal will make burning space smaller and increase the compression ratio result in burst shake.
My friends, if you can do what I mention your motorcycle will have a long age.

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