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What we do?
A platform not only caters to property but also products and services in regards to your property needs, all under one roof.
About Us
PropertyPal Singapore is the most long awaiting website where it will NOT only cater users to buying, selling or renting your properties, it will also be “One-Stop” to meet your needs and demands, especially for property related matters. From maintenance to beautifying of your home, our “Preferred Partners” is there to serve you. In this website, users can forgo the primitive ways of browsing to look for products & services and you can look forward into an interactive concierge service.

Registration is FREE*

Registration is free for users. Categorization would be very much useful to understand your needs. Therefore, PropertyPal Singapore has divided users into groups of; “Sellers / Landlords”, “Buyers/ Tenants” (For Property Needs) and “MEMBER” (for the best option to choose for your products and services with our Preferred Partners). Be part of the group and you will be able to navigate and optimise the interactive features with agents as well as our preferred partners, in getting the right services for you. Most importantly, the registration is simple!!

Exciting Features for different group of users.

Below are some of the highlights that these groups of people can benefit when signed up with PropertyPal Singapore.


New concept in marketing!!

✔ Saves the hassle of phone calls on confirming the viewing availability between sellers and buyers, or landlord and tenants

✔ An interactive way to reach to the masses

✔ Huge savings on posting advertisement

✔ Better Time management

✔ Alerts on similar posting

And many more “new features”!! Check out our subscription plan!!
Be the first 50 agents to join and grab the benefits!!(Promotional Period Only)

Preferred Partners

Grab those opportunities out there!!
The normal advertising cost on average would have cost you $5,000 monthly or even more.

But with PropertyPal, your business can;

✔ Saves on building a website and the maintenance

✔ Saves time to look for new business

✔ Saves consumer time in searching for your business

✔ Competitive edge between partners

✔ Can even save on referral fee commissions

Check out our Preferred Partner list and its package. Join us if you are in our category……and be part of this dynamic way of expanding your business!! Be fast to enjoy the best rates, ever!!
Not part of the list? Not to worry, you too can enjoy the best rate to advertise in our platform. Blast your enquiry at: sales@propertypal.com.sg

“Sellers / Landlords”

Be creative to advert!!

✔ Opportunity to market your own property

✔ Choose the right tenant

✔ Option to choose the best agent to answer your enquiry about property

✔ Saves commission fees if you can handle your own transactions

✔ Saves huge advertisement cost

✔ Get the best quotation and services in relation to your property needs.

Check out our Advertisement plan for Sellers / Landlords!!


All about time savings!!

✔ Saves time in browsing to look for the right property

✔ Saves time in calling agent to response on the availability in viewing the property

✔ Saves your time in searching for your property needs

✔ Simply just send out your enquiries whether in property or business, and you have the option to choose the best.

“MEMBERS” (Registered)

Get those quotations and choose the best!!

✔ Enquire about your property needs to our Preferred Partners and get the best quotation / price, for their products and services.

✔ Option to choose the best price that meets your budget.

✔ Stop wasting time in looking for services, let the services come to you.

“Non-Registered Users”

Don’t be left behind!!

✔ Browse and be amazed at our new website

✔ There is something for everyone.

✔ Register with us and choose your category, be part of this concierge service!!

Don’t waste your time browsing on the web to look for the products and services. Be served when you surf with PropertyPal Singapore!!

✔ And last but not least, good news for Subscribed Agents and Preferred Partner, you will get an amazing discount for advertisements in

PropertyPal, if you successfully refer** another agent or preferred partner to join us.

✔ You can even upload your own banner to advertise.

✔ All at amazing low rates!!

Check out this new interesting website, bursting with new features at: PropertyPal Singapore and be part of us!!
*Does not apply to Agents and Preferred Partners.
**Does not apply to “Sellers/Landlords” who wants to advertise their property.
** Referral Program is applicable only to the Subscribed Agent, who refers another new Agent or Preferred Partner (OR) Subscribed Preferred Partner who refers
another new Preferred Partner. (Terms and Conditions Apply)
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