Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisines
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About Us
Alaturka Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisine
Alaturka restaurant strives to deliver joy and happiness to everyone who has tasted Turkish and Mediterranean dishes; making it an irresistible cuisine one cannot live without. The old saying, “the world is small” has never been closer to the truth than in present times. Our vision is to connect all races & nationalities into the world of Turkish delight with our fine, genuine and exquisite cuisine.

Yummy. Went with my family. Nice food and really enjoy their service. Thumbs up. 3out of 5
Another Family Outing. This time to a turkish restaurant. we were waiting about an hour to get a table. That\'s show how good is the Business. There were like so many dishes to choose. We ordered quite a few dish. i don really remember the names as it was in turkish. 1. Garlic Bread-it\'s looks like pizza to me. Cos it\'s circle and small. just that the topping is garlic. the bread was soft and really chewy, 2.Spring roll- it\'s the longer version and stuff with cheese. it was really really delicious! 3. Lamb and cheese pizza- the bread was in a shape of oval, topping with small pieces of lamb and serve with salad. 4. Mixture of Lamb, chicken and beef- all the meats were well-cooked and seasoned with spices. tasted really good 5. Mint Tea- tasted more like a iced- lemon tea. but this has a strong taste of the mint 6. Bread wrapped with lamb- the bread was tasted really good. When u dipped it in with the sauce. WOW! fdelicious!!!!! 7. main course dish - serves with few pieces of lamb, vegetable and rice. the lamb with the gravy is so good. when u eat it with the rice, the thick gravy the lamb and the vegetables...hmmmm wonderful combination 8. rice with chicken- the chicken is like in a skewer. they grilled the chicken with spices. Basically all the middle-eastern dishes are grilled. they don really fry that much.. 9.the kunefe was such a light yet sinful dessert. its vermicili that is fried to a crisp on the outside but soft on the inside coated with sugar water.... and served in a pool of warm milk and chopped pistachios... when i put this heavenly dish in my mouth, i did not have any words for it.... i simply went, "mmmmm" and somemore mmmmm.... mmmm and mmmmmmm..... it was like a food orgasm in my mouth... I WOULD DEFINITELY GO BACK FOR MORE
We started our meal with salty yoghurt drink. It\'s not to our taste though. We had to wait for about 20 minutes before our dishes arrived. The beef stew with mashed brinjal was unique, it tastes good with the plain bread, the portion is big, it can be shared by 3-4 people as it will be too much for 1 person to finish the whole plate. The mutton and beef balls served with vegetables in hot plate are not liked by me, as I personally do not like minced meat. The rice that came with the chicken skewer were great, it tasted very buttery and delicious. This place is very crowded in the evening, it is well-liked by the Europeans.Spending: Approximately SGD 20
This is definitely a hidden find! Our group of friends wanted to find an alternative cuisine to try out, and I suggested Middle Eastern Food. Was a little apprehensive at first when we entered the restaurant.. it was quite a small restaurant but there was a space in the corner with cosy sofas for large groups. The menu had a wide variety to choose from, and I would say the waiters/waitresses were very helpful in suggesting their recommended dishes. The food was pleasant and tasty!
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