Quality Car Import, Export & Supply Services.
Ark Motor Enterprise gives trustworthy and reliable service for car dealing, car exporting & importing as well as supplying for your business and personal needs.

About Us

Ark Motors Enterprise is a well-established international company that traces its origins back to early 2006. Since then, our company has grown steadily providing specialized auto-finance services of new and pre-owned automobiles.

We have been putting in great effort to supply good quality automobiles to our customers and we are ready to support your business at the fullest. There will be many opportunities to collaborate with our potential partners as we buy and sell not only from automobile dealers, but also wholesalers, rental and leasing companies etc.

years of experience & a range of business solutions.

Established since 2006 with an excellent track record of supplying cars locally & internationally.

ARK Motor Enterprise has established itself well in the automobile industry since early 2006 earning us a good reputation and reliability when it comes to meeting the demands of our clients. Our company has steadily grown since, expanding beyond our own horizon to fulfil the needs of the international market as well. Staffed with a team of dedicated professionals and consultants, ARK Motor Enterprise can fulfil your needs in the areas of:
  • Importing & Exporting of new or used vehicles
  • Sourcing of new or used vehicles
  • Auto- financing solutions
  • Rental & Leasing solutions
  • Logistical support
  • Business Support
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Ark Motor Enterprise operates and manages international offices world-wide. With offices located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan & United Kingdom, they are sure that client expectations will be satisfied at the highest level.
ARK Motor Enterprise makes great effort to supply good quality automobiles to their customers!
Ark Motor Enterprise offers reliable services and values relationship with their clients and partners.
very reliable service and they sell quality cars
Ark can source for a wide variety of models
Ark can source for all sorts of models.