Halal BBQ Food Chicken Satay

Satay is one of the most popular bbq food among local Singaporean. It is makes up of diced chicken thigh meat seasoned with various spices skewered in bamboo stick for easy grilling. Not only is it tasty on it own or it meshes superbly well with finely grind peanut dipping sauce.

Ingredient: Chicken thigh meat, cumin seeds, turmeric, coriander seeds, onion, garlic, brown sugar, salt & herbs 

Cooking Tips: Best grill in medium fire at the edge of the pit to prevent burning of the bamboo stick.

BBQ Wholesale Centre

Located at 81 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458209, it is an iconic red shophouse located right beside Caltex petrol station. Easily identified by enormous Signage it is one of the most prominent building along Frankel Avenue. BBQ Wholesale Centre is located at 81 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458209, it is an iconic red shophouse located right beside Caltex petrol station. Easily identified by enormous Signage it is one of the most prominent building along Frankel Avenue. Premium Cup Otah
Mixed fish paste with fresh spices contain in aluminum cup for easy grilling over the pit. Raw Chicken Satay
Well marinated chicken thigh meat cut into strips and skewered Raw Otah Non Chilli
Surimi fish paste mixed with coconut milk wrapped in coconut leaf Raw Mutton Satay
Well marinated lean lamb meat cut into strips and skewered Raw Beef Satay
Well marinated beef meat cut into strips and skewered Drumlet BBQ
Wingstick marinated with chef special homemade BBQ sauces, coating with sesame seed oil Chicken Chop BBQ
Boneless chicken meat marinated with unique barbecue sauce
About Us
BBQ Wholesale Centre is Singapore's largest bbq food & accessories caterers. We have 10 over years of experience hosting bbq event from as small as 10 hungry guests to 1000 guests!

BBQ Wholesale Centre provide one-stop online service, where bbq lovers will only need to order online, and we will provide islandwide delivery. Alternatively, may choose to pickup at 81 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458209. Customer may now order with ease as we are halal certified, convenient for our fellow Muslim barbecue lovers!

Singapore's Most Trusted & Established BBQ Catering & Wholesale Company, We Delivering Freshly Prepared, Great Quality Marinated BBQ Food, and Customer Service, yet maintain BBQ Food at an affordable price. Our aim is to unite people with delicious local barbecue cuisine!

BBQ Wholesale Centre was formed by a bunch of BBQ enthusiasts with award-winning secret nonya otah recipe. They decided to venture out to BBQ food when customers keep coming back requesting for more variety of bbq food to add on to their BBQ events!

We want to make it easier for families and friends to hold their BBQ parties and strive to make barbecue events easy to plan for the common folk. Providing a great variety of quality food items and grilled services at affordable prices to our customers, we strive to become a one-stop solution for easy BBQ food, grill accessories, and services.

Why BBQ Wholesale Centre?

BBQ Wholesale Centre maintain a high-quality standard food service, yet maintaining low affordable price for all. Being Singapore's top BBQ catering company, we have wide delivery slots and full-scale food preparation factory to ensure all bbq food arrived promptly for all our customer's barbecue party! Accessories like charcoal, firestarter, wiremesh, ice cube, brush, tongs and all type of utensils and barbecue equipments are available at wholesale price. With all the food well-prepared and delectably marinated, you can be assured of a comfortable evening by the pit circled by your well-satisfied loved ones. Among the extensive range of barbecue delights offered, all time favorites among bbq lovers include our succulent 100% fresh mackerel fish banana leaf otah; market-fresh stingray/ jacket fish/ sotong wrapped in silver foil topped with our secret homemade recipe sambal chilli; marinated chicken wings which uses special seasoning; and the traditional Nonya style curry chicken/ curry vegetable. We have newly created our pure vegetarian food specially meant for your vegetarian guests.

With more than a decade of bbq experience, BBQ Wholesale Centre have been constantly serving a large pool of corporate organizations, schools, army camps and government statutory boards in Singapore, catering for small events of 10 guests, to large-scale exhibitions of thousands of hungry bbq guests.

We take care of the hassle while you have fun! BBQ has never been Easier!

Chia Ing Doing a bbq party 14 Feb 2014 15:15:14
Onsite Chef

Doing a bbq party with gang of friends and you are definitely looking for a shop that you can obtain everything at one time. BBq wholesale is where you can try to go. Reasonable price with wide selection of foods that suitable for bbq.
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