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Love thrives in the most unlikely places. A midst our urban concrete jungle, a Garden of Eden has been discovered. Therein lays a legendary love story that has been passed on through the generations. The story begins with a pair of star-crossed lovers running off into the woods to escape enemy persecution. They crossed mountains and lakes, venturing deeper and deeper into the unknown land. Even as they slept on the cold hard forest ground for many a nights and starved endlessly, they never gave up. Their true love for each other sustained them and gave strength to continue on.

On the fourth month into their arduous journey, as they were crossing the threshold from the desert lands into the arctic, a shimmering mirror appears out of thin air. With a leap of faith, they held tight to each other and stepped into the portal.

Call it heaven on earth, their eyes were deceiving them, places like this only exists in fairy tales. Surrounding them were green pastures with elegant white roses blossoming everywhere, majestic healthy trees provide fresh rejuvenating air to their lungs. Although the sky was black, the place was alive and bright, it feels like a realm in an alternate universe. Their prayers “we are lost, please lead us to a place, where we will be safe” has been answered. They looked at each other with hope burning bright in each other’s eyes. Not wasting what they have been blessed with, they built a house, within the garden. They named this place - Bliss House.

They invited the fairies and elfin, well known for their deft craft skills and efficiency to help plan their wedding. With the manicured garden already in place, they built a gazebo for the wedding couple to get married in and installed chandeliers, lamps to allow more brilliance during the nightfall. The fairies insisted on conjuring up a bridge and fountain to set the romantic mood. The dwarfs brought in a grand piano to celebrate the wedding with songs and dances. They even secretly outfitted lighting and audio systems for their own future party plans. It is truly magical that the garden never seems to run out of space even with the influx of more friends. Even more surprisingly was the lack of bickering amongst these varied mystical creatures.

An important element that completes Bliss House is its food and beverages. Sharing a meal can bring people closer together; no one understands that better than the wife. Thus an army of goblins were sent to collect the freshest meat, herbs and vegetables which are aplenty in this Garden of Eden. Even the animals came out of their hiding upon smelling the incredible range of delicacies being dished out. Armed with culinary passion, the wife is said to be able to whip up just about anything to suit everyone’s palette. The wizards were the last to arrive; gifting the couple with a pumpkin carriage, the stage has been set, and the wedding could not have been more blissful. The husband and wife touched by everyone’s effort to help make their dreams come through said to all at the end of the ceremony:

“We welcome all to come and stay with us in this beautiful Garden of Eden. A spell has been cast in Bliss house that allows anyone who steps into it to feel bliss. Couples who have lost that loving touch will rekindle their passion for each other. Singles fear not for you will remember your first love that will give you courage to find new love. Friends and Family will strengthen their bonds through common love for things they had at the very beginning.“ Their love touched the heavens and they were immortalized in this Garden of Eden. We welcome you to come and share many blissful moments at the Bliss House.

Garden themed eatery, this place makes any timing feasting more romantic regardless of the time of day!
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21 Jun 2013 18:19:14
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6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21 The Central (S) 059817
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Garden themed eatery, this place makes any timing feasting more romantic regardless of the time of day!
Fancy having a blissful meal sitting in a perfect dining-in-the-garden atmosphere with your loved ones? Blisshouse ambience is so romantic and relaxing, you will sure to like it.
Like dining in a garden surrounded by the nature and without feeling hot and sweaty. Bliss House Theme Restaurant will be your best pick. They had decorated the restaurant in several different themes including one with a garden setting. Dine in sheer aircon comfort.
Most girls will be swooned by its girly, romantic yet simple exterior and interior decor. Check out my review on Blisshouse theme restaurant here,
Nice and amazing place to dine. Great western food
A new theme restaurant where allow the customers to indulge in sumptuous western food in a beautiful setting. very nice place....
Opening Special Promo, daily set lunch $18.00 (include soup of the day, cesar salad, pasta/pizza, coffee/tea
i love the 1 for 1 lunch promo :) value for money :) Love it!!!
This place is a amazing! So pretty!
Great for events, birthday parties and even weddings. They also have a mixologist on hand to concoct wonderful drinks!