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BOUNCE can be as easy or as challenging as you like. Unleash Your Free Spirit with Bounce
- A training ground for aerial acrobatics, a place to kick back & look out over the action, or just a hard-core form of cardio that lets you burn calories while having the time of your life

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-> General Access [1 hour]; $22.90
About Us
BOUNCE is a massive indoor trampoline park & adrenaline arena with venues across the globe.

In a world where adrenaline sports are the domain of a handful of risk seeking extreme athletes, BOUNCE offers ‘an airborne adrenaline rush with a soft landing’ to anyone who wants to jump around. Featuring a variety of trampoline zones, Asia’s first Ninja-Warrior-like adventure course X-Park, and Singapore’s first “Leap of Faith”, BOUNCE Singapore caters to everyone from 3-year-old kids, to energetic youths, to adult fitness enthusiasts!


Free Jump Arena

X Wall

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-> General Access [1 hour]; $22.90
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