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Breko Cafe with its unique cosy spots in its interior, provides you with a stress-free, comfort and relaxed atmosphere. Breko’s wide variety of food & beverage is second to none.
Irish Abadilla This is a great 1 Sep 2013 23:06:49
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This is a great place to chill at Holland village. Their steaks, sausages, burgers are great. With a combination of good drinks. I will definitely come back for more. Thumbs up!
It is a nice café in Holland Village. They have an all day breakfast, sandwiches, salads, main courses and desserts. It's a nice casual place to get a meal with friends and colleagues with its reasonabe price. They have outdoor and indoor seating.
Their food is great! If you love western food, you will love this place. Pizza, sandwich, burgers, pasta - they have it all! Great stuff! Our regular hangout , just chill over great food and drinks!
Went to holland village and tried this out. Waiters were friendly, place was good for chilling out with friends, and most importantly, it was a value for money food trip.
My favourite desserts while going to holland village!!! Full of chocolate!! Will be back for next time.
really enjoyed my trip to breko cafe recently, complemented with good service and quality (value for money too!) food.
Dinner @ Holland Village\'s Breko Cafe - a quiet place for dinner if you are there early on weekdays... i was there around 630pm.. the place is still quite empty... for those who want to catch some sports channel and want to have dinner at the same time.. this is a place for you to be... you can meet up with your soccer or tennis friends to sit down together and eat and watch your favourite sports together. They serve alcoholic beverage too.. Jumbo Sausage with Garden Salad and Criss-Cross Fries ($13.90) i love the criss cross fries... cripsy... the jumbo sausage was what i expected... it is not so JUMBO... and it is not really juicy like other german sausage... Chicken Cordon Bleu with Potato Salad and Mashed Potatoes ($14.50) chicken was quite nicely fried... don\'t like the thick creamy dressing over the chicken... made it a bit too soft... but themashed potatoes were really good... it wasn\'t really totally mashed but there were still little pieces of potato bits... Overall, I feel that the sides are better than the main dish...
I went to breko café to chill out with some friends. It was a long time since we met up so when someone suggested there, we all agreed. Since we had dinner before we met up, so when we got there, we just ordered their drinks. Their drinks are very affordable, their drinks like Heineken, tiger, corona all selling at $8 each. When you both two bottles, it is $6 each. You can even mix and match. I love the ambience to chill out and catch up with friends!
My first time watching soccer with a big group of people at a cafe. It was ManU vs Arsenal and the atmosphere was great that day, with people cheering on when the goal was drawing near. Beer is on 1 for 1 of $12. So for those who dont drink much, you could share with your friends. Food is great. Most of them ordered the fried platter or fried food. But i ordered pasta and my friends ordered the recommended chicken. Forgot what their exacts names were, but there are the recommended dishes by the chef. So just go there and pick up their menu and you know what i mean. Photos are provided in the menu. Try it. It\'s great to go with big group of friends, if you are a soccer fans. For girls, you could just chill out with their selections of good food.
Everyone loves a lazy Sunday! So it is always time for late breakfast and early lunch and what we call brunch! While all the surrounding shops have their shutters down, Breko is already bursting with live and energy. Think bacon, sausages, pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, a hot cuppa and there, the perfect meal! Breko serves western breakfast and has big breakfast set to sandwiches like cheese and ham to pancakes. Each breakfast course comes with refillable coffee or tea and you can top up to make your drink into hot lattes or ice chocolate/vanilla latte. Ordered pancakes with sausages and a fried egg. The pancakes were pretty alright and went well with the maple syrup. There were very big though and one plate is like 1.5 times a normal portion. Dunk those pancakes in syrup and spread it with jam or butter and there you go! Ordered a brekkie in a pan which is a medley of eggs, bacon sausages and tomatoes served with toasted bread. It was rather plain and I wished there was more flavour as the bread that was supposed to be dipped into the pan seemed to have egg as the base. Wished there was cheese and some herbs or cream! ordered ice vanilla latte which tasted like sweetened fresh milk. Nothing really spectacular. But overall, a pretty alright place to go for breakfast or brunch. Citibank cardmembers get a 10%!
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