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Buffet Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Buffet Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Buffet Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Buffet Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Buffet Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Buffet Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Buffet Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Buffet Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Buffet Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Buffet Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre)
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It is the ultimate international buffet in town! Buffet Town is now open in the heart of Singapore at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Bringing more than 300 buffet items over 29 item categories, Buffet Town is the newest buffet destination in town for everyone to experience the joy of eating without boundaries.

Singapore Buffet GOOD NEWS FOR THAI 10 May 2013 17:54:32
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Buffet Town is also set in the extravagance of atmospheres. The décor boast of modern sleek design with classy finishes yet warm and cosy that you can only find in hotel.

For families with active kids, there is a mini playground where young children (between 2 to 8 years) can enjoy themselves with various games and parents can conveniently watch over them whilst eating.

With all the luxurious setting in place, one can really experience an exciting dining concept without boundaries!


Succulent Fresh Seafood
Chilled Prawns, Mussels, Big and Juicy Freshly Shucked Oysters, ½ Shell Scallop, White Clam, Baby Lobster, Flower Crab, Crayfish.

Japanese Famous Sushi and Sashimi
Assorted Sushi Rolls and a selection of Japanese Appetizers, Vinegar Dish, Ebi, Salmon, Tuna, Octopus, Snapper, Kingfish, Swordfish, Sea Bream, Golden Pomfret, Full Salad Bar accompanied with different Japanese sauces and salad dressings prepared from home-made recipes.

Italian Pasta & Pizza
Serving up Hearty Pasta dishes to your choice of ingredients and sauce; Aglio Olio, Pesto-base, Cream or Tomato-base. Pizza range from Hawaiian, Sausages, Seafood and Forest Mushrooms.

Singaporean Favorites’ Local Delights
Laksa, Chicken Rice, Herbal Soup and Rojak, Fried Carrot Cake and choice of Chilli Crab or Black Pepper Crab with our Live Crabs

Meat-lover’s Carvings & Grills
Tantalising aroma of fresh ingredients at the grill station of assorted tender meats; Lip-smacking Beef Sirloin, Sizzling Marinated Pork Chop, Roasted Lamb Leg, Slow Roast Gammon Ham and Roasted Wagyu Beef on weekend dinner.

Blazing Hot Teppanyaki and Robatayaki
Local Satay, Grilled Pineapple & Banana, Omega-goodness Grilled Mackerel, Juicy Meats, Assorted Vegetables and Seafood.

20 Varieties of Mouth-watering Desserts
Freshly-made Waffles and Crepes, Tarts, Cakes, Puddings, Ice-cream including local favourites of Ice Kachang and Goreng Pisang.

Thirst-quenching Beverages & Our Local Touch of “Kopi” and “Teh”
Home-made Soya Milk and Silky Bean Curd, Soft Drinks, Juices, Local Coffee and Tea. Selection of Wine and Beer are also available at separate cost.

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GOOD NEWS FOR THAI LOVERS Buffet Town is offering a wide range of Thai buffet with extensive variety of Thai favorites. You can enjoy mouth watering dishes prepared with strong aromatic Thai spices. Buffet includes hot and sour soup with shrimp, green curry with chicken, fried noodles, pork fried in basil, red curry with roast duck, coconut soup with chicken, Thai style salad with beef, satay pork, fried chicken with cashew, panang curry and more. Operating hours: Lunch: 12pm till 3pm @ S$30.80++ (Adult), S$18.80++ (child) Dinner: 6pm till 10pm @ S$40.80++ (Adult), S$21.80++ (child)
A really nice surprise, prepared by Buffet Town for my friend's birthday.
This 450 seater buffet restaurant houses more than 300 food items from international and local fare. Savour in unlimited servings of succulent seafood, sashimi, local cuisine, mixed grills, pastas and Japanese robatayaki at a wallet-friendly price.
International buffet $30.80++ on weekend, reasonable price for family and friends gathering.
Live Oysters ! Available on weekdays dinner, weekends & PH lunch and dinner. Reservation is recommended to avoid waiting in walk in queue.
Nice buffet lunch....seafood is very fresh, allot variety foods. $38 only
Dinner with friends at Buffet Town international seafood mixed grill and teppan yaki. Never fail to satisfy our food cravings at affordable prices!
Buffet: lunch $24.90, dinner $34.80. With the long queue, one could be mistaken that they are giving free food!
Its time to pample yourself, Buffet Town have a super wide range of food and the salmon and sashimi really diving me crazy! It also is a good place for a big group to gather
it's time for buffet feast again at Buffet Town with my girlfriends!!!!  we can't resist the temptation to not being here again.. the seafood and desserts really driving us crazy!! thumbs up for buffet town..
I was there to queue at 12pm sharp and guess what The restaurant is already filling up customers and the queue was insanely long. Priority will be given to those who had reservations beforehand and followed by the walk ins. This place is definitely not for working adults who have a short lunch time especially for walk ins. Queued for around 12.45pm before it was my turn to enter! Buffet town is a international buffet thus variety was huge Western , Chinese cuisine , peranakan , japanese and malay food. Definitely something for all types of diners. My friends were celebrating birthdays at that place and they went to just scooped icecream from the dessert area. There was this staff that was so nice , she went to the dessert area and told the chef to get us a brownie and nice birthday decos!
My girlfriend and I wanted to experience dining without boundaries at Buffet Town on Sunday evening because we used to be really crazy about eating buffet. My first impression when I stepped into Buffet Town was: Wow, this place is huge. It is a paradise for buffet lovers; live stations and the variety is almost endless. Although great food and choice with that kind of pricing amounting $93.69 for two persons, I\'d rather go hotel buffet because hotels sure good service and I can attest to that. Conclusion: This is a good place for big group gathering due to it\'s deco is good. Older folks may like more choices like local favourites: chicken rice and rojak etc. Kids have fruits, chocolates and ice cream. Sushi lovers will love the spread, but quality of sushi is really so so. Spice lovers will love the Chilli Crab.
My first time here for lunch to celebrate my sister\'s birthday. The queue already formed before the opening and surprisingly it was quite a long one but thankfully we managed to get a table and didn\'t need to wait long. I noticed the common thing of every consumer, once they were lead to their table, they will immediately put down the belongings and zoomed toward the food counters, same for us! I headed straight for the sashimi and the teppanyakki and was happy with the selections. The local flavours were good, especially the satays and rojak. We did enjoy most of the food and even pleased with the beverages as they even served local kopi(coffee)! I was so full from the savories that I can\'t even go for the sweets yet was satisfied with whatever I had eaten.
Buffet Town offers a wide array of international choices, ranging from seafood and sushi to italian pasta, nonya cuisine, chinese cuisine, western cuisine, japanese cuisine as well as a satisfying variety of desserts to choose from.I tried most of the choices offered and for $29 per person for lunch, I\'d say this is a very affordable choice!The sushi platter had choices that were a little different from the usual selection.I tried many dishes from the chinese and nonya cuisine and all of them were very good and tasted pretty authentic.The Italian pasta station allows you to customize your dish with ingredients, types of pasta and sauces to choose from.The laksa was not bad, but it could have been spicier.The cakes were great! From top left: sesame, strawberry milk, marble, mangoIce cream waffles: one reason I will keep going back to this buffet restaurant.The free-flow waffles and ice cream is heavenly!I chose cookies and cream and mango ice cream and both of them were very good! Highly recommended and low-budget. 9/10Spending: Approximately SGD 30
At Buffet Town, you will not run out of ideals on what you want to eat as the buffet spread here is really long and interesting.Ranging from chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine, Malay cuisine, Korean cuisine, Japanes cuisine and Western cuisine.My favourite cuisines here will be under the Chinese and Japanese.Love their seafood fried rice as all grains are separated well and the seafoods in it are really generous.The Japanese sushi here have one of the best japanese glutinuous rice texture which is slightly chewy and not too sticky.Especially like the one with tuna dressing and raw sashimi on it as they are fresh and juicy.The service staffs at the individual cuisines counters are also very friendly and helpful too.Spending: Approximately SGD 35(Dinner)
This was my first visit to buffet town and it was to celebrate my sister’s birthday. I first heard about buffet town was on a tv variety show recommending this buffet place. The service was excellent and the area was spacious.(: We booked and came in a total of around 25 people, and they arranged the tables for us, separated into 3 rows. The service crew willingly rendered their good service and even took the extra mile to bring over a fan to our area when she observed that the area was quite warm. Sweet service;D The kitchen service crews behind the food bars are friendly too. There was a really wide variety of food. The first thing I noticed when we entered was the sashimi! So that was the first thing I took. It was fresh and sweet!;D there were a variety of sashimi and sushi. They had western food such as pizzas and fries, Chinese food like chicken rice and laksa, Japanese food, seafood and also many others. One thing I noticed was that there were a lot of differently styled salmon dishes such as the sashimi, half cooked salmon, cooked salmon with cheese sauce, salmon in teriyaki sauce, salmon tofu, and also many many more. So I really love it there since I am a salmon lover!^^Would really like to recommend all their salmons, and the old cucumber soup which we super love and had lots of bowls of it!^^ the soup was refreshing and naturally sweet from the ingredients,so nice thatit seems to be addictive!xD One negative point would be that there was quite a lot of food that were too salty. Other than this, it would be an ideal choice to satisfy buffet craves. The price was around $35 for lunch on a public holiday after the GST and service charge, which I felt was definitely worth it with the wide selection available and the salmon and seafood etc;D
Its my boyf 22th birthday so i decided to cel his birthday @ buffet town which was highly recommanded by my friends. As we went there during the weekdays, the price is around 80 dollar for the both of us. Once payment is made, we were brought to our seats by another staffs. There are stalls like chicken rice, laska, carrot cake, teppanyaki, pasta, seafoods which includes prawns, mussels, clayfish, oysterPrawn one of the most food that i have eaten the prawn is fresh and juicy and also the skin is easy to peel.Satay one of singapore local food. The satay is not very nice because its hard to bite and its cold. Other food that i have tried and like is laska. The laska is hot, nice and they had lots ofingredients in it. Spending: Approximately SGD 40(Dinner)
This is a good place for big group gathering. Price is right and deco is good. Service is fast and plates are cleared very fast. Overall, this is a good buffet place for this price due to the good choice of spread. Price/location is right too. Will be back again if there\'s craving for buffet again. The service is good, Staffs cleared plates very quickly. Good service.Spending: Approximately SGD 40
Went to buffet town for a sinful meal after reading some positive reviews and i’m really satisfied! The spread is good. sides, sashimi, main dishes, desserts. Lots and lots of everything! What a gastronomic experience! No complains about their service! Highly recommended for a hearty meal. Will definitely be back! Thumbs up!
I went for buffet at buffet town again. Since this is my second time there, I was able to discern which are the food that are worth taking and which ones are not so worth taking. I focused mainly on the seafood with the mussels. These mussels are really gone within the minute they are placed out, so you must really be quick to get it. The mussels are very fresh and juicy. I had seconds of this. I also tried out more of the hot stuff this time around, like the chicken at the roast section, as well as the hot cooked food. Overall, it was quite a nice experience dining there as the food was ok and the service staff were generally quite friendly.
I went to buffet town with my hubby and children after my colleague’s recommendation. And it was indeed good, the spread was really a lot. I don’t think we tried everything. But I like their seafood section, it is rather hard to find crayfish in most buffet restaurants and here, they actually had free flow of crayfish. There were crabs, oysters, mussels and prawns too. the grilled station was good too, they even had grilled pineapples, my favourite! The pineapple was so fresh and juicy. they also had a peranakan section. I love their babi pontei, the meat was so soft and the flavours had infused into the meat. I strongly recommend this place to buffet lovers.
I went to buffet town with my parents. The spread is really good. there were a lot of seafood. the seafood was really fresh. There were many live stations where the chef prepares the food for you. There is the chicken rice station, chilli crab station, pasta station, teppanyaki station and waffles station. I love the waffles station. They freshly make the waffle for you, they also have pancakes that are freshly made as well. then you can topped this hot waffles and pancakes with ice cream. The ice cream melts on the hot waffles, making it very creamy and milky. I added maple syrup to the waffles, it tasted extremely delicious!
This is a memorable dining moment for me because it has been a really while for the family to actually sit down and have a nice meal together. people always refer to buffet as a lot of walking and not much communication. But for us, we would take our food and sit there for around 2 hours to chat and update each other. The variety of this restaurant is simply a lot. it caters to each and everyone of the family appetite. For my sister, she loves the seafood and sashimi. The range for sashimi is a lot, the salmon was very fresh and melt in the mouth. She was simply pleased with the seafood section, there were flower crabs, crayfish, scallops, oysters and prawns. The crayfish was really fresh, I ate at least 5. There was a peranakan corner where you can find authentic food like babi pontei, prawn nanas, chap chai and nonya chicken curry. my mum could not stop praising about the babi pontei, the meat was very tender and the gravy was tasty. My dad was thrilled to find a chilli crab booth. You must order the chilli crab from the chef. After placing your order, the chef will fry the chilli crab. I found the sauce really delicious, goes well with the man tou. I preferred the dessert section the most. They had chef making fresh and hot waffles and pancakes for you, you can add maple syrup or honey onto your waffles. Their ice cream selection was more special then other buffet in the sense they had macadamia flavoured ice cream and you can top your ice cream with caramel, strawberry or chocolate sauce. It was a memorable meal for the whole family where everyone found food they really like.
Over at Buffet town, there are quite a large variety of food from western (pizza, sphagetti) to japanese (sushi, sashimi), chinese (carrot cake, stir fried vegetables etc), cold seafood, salads, desserts, drinks etc. The sashimi is just average so I would recommend that you save stomach space for other food. The cold seafood section is always packed with people. I didn\'t take any of the seafood so I can\'t comment on it. I quite liked the pizza since it is thin crust pizza and the ingredients are quite generous and delicious. The carrot cake can\'t beat hawker centres outside, so take sparingly. Salads selection is quite poor in my opinion. I found myself quite enjoying the desserts. The cheng teng is packed with ingredients like longgans, white fungus, gingko nuts, red dates and it is really very delicious! I also loved the crepe and waffles (though its quite filling, so share it with someone) and I topped if up with ice cream and crushed nuts.
Despite the huge variety of food, I don\'t think that the buffet is value for money as I feel that the quality of food is not as good as I have expected. An example will be the tempura prawn which is something that I will never miss trying at all buffets. The tempura prawn is not well-prepared as it is not crispy and the batter, which is very quite thick, is tasteless. The salmon sashimi is also a disappointment as I find that it is not very fresh. Nevertheless, there are some delicious food at the buffet which I will recommend one to try. One of them will be the chicken rice which one can request for the types of meat (such chicken wings, drumstick, breast meat, etc) to be served with the flavourful rice. The desserts which include the waffles, ice-cream, crepes, etc are also things which one should not miss.Spending: Approximately SGD 40(Dinner)
Over the weekend, I went for Buffet Town’s lunch buffet with my family. We did not make reservations, hence we went there earlier at 11:20am. There is already a queue outside, but we managed to get into the restaurant quite quickly slightly after 11:30am. There is a huge variety of food from Japanese to Chinese to western. And of course, not forgetting the cold seafood section as well. There is also the salad bar though variety is very limited. I just pick some greens and diy it myself. Good for cleansing the palette so as to go on for a second round of food! There is even a grilled pineapple besides the satays and grilled mushrooms on skewers which is very sweet. I like my pineapples to be more firm and sourish, so I didn’t quite like this. Moving on to the desserts, I liked the waffles though it will fill you up, hence it is best to share. The cakes are just the same few which don\'t really tempt me hence I did not try much of it. There is also cheng ting and red bean soup and a diy ice kachang. On the whole, it was a pretty alright buffet, nice for catching up with family!
When I first stepped in to buffet town, I was amazed at the amazing spread of fresh seafood displayed near the entrance. This is one of the items they had for the buffet. Chilli crab! I particularly enjoyed the sweet tasting mantou dipped in the chilli sauce of the crab. The crab was fresh and sweet. Delightful!
I will rate the sushi 3/5. It is dominated by salmon - it is salmon sushi and sashimi. I didn\'t really see the crab meat or some other sushi on display. I guess there were but just that at that timing we were left with salmon - the only choice. Right beside the sushi, there\'s this salad bar but not that appealing. Fresh Seafood & Rojah Station: Not at all fresh... the crayfish especially - meat was so soggy, I was trying to fork out the meat and it didn\'t come out in a piece and instead broke to pieces of meat. The oyster and prawns were okay. I didn\'t really taste the Rojah as it is not appealing. Pasta Station:You can customize your own pasta ingredients with crab stick, onion, tuna, corn, mushroom., squid and prawn. And of course you can choose your sauce and pasta as well. But the taste is definitely not that great. I will rate it a 2/5 for the pasta. In front of the pasta station, there\'s mushroom soup. The soup is clear but with too much milk and not much of the mushroom taste. It is a 2/5 as well. Western Station: There\'s pork chop, chicken, fish, curry rice, chicken stew and some other dishes. Oh oh oh and there\'s PIZZA! Sound exciting? But no, one bite and I was done with the pizza. The pizza is a 2/5 as well. Teppanyaki Station:You know one key thing about Teppanyaki is that it has to be fried on the spot and serve it sizzling hot with the nice aroma filling up the air. But the Teppanyaki here, no aroma, not sizzling hot. The taste was alright thanks to the Teriyaki sauce. 3/5Right in front ofthe Teppanyaki Station, there\'s some hot food like carrot cake, bee hoon, satay and etc. 3/5 Hot Food Selection Station: It is the same few dishes you expect from catering services. Didn\'t try. Drinks Station: There\'s all sort of drinks here with gas without and the hot selection of drinks. I felt that the carbonated drink is too gassy and in fact overly gassy than the usual taste of the coke. The soya drink is the perfect choice! Local Delight Station: Here, they serve chicken rice, laksa, winter melon soup and tempura.At least the chicken rice here is one that you can look out for, quite decent. The winter melon soup however is not one that you will fall in love with, just lack of a little punch. Dessert Station: There\'s the only station that is worth coming for.The sweet treats here is delish especially the cakes! The cake here can be compare to cafes cake or even some hotels cake. The waffle with their home made ice cream is not disappointing. Services here is good, they are quite polite and very helpful. This is the buffet that you won\'t return to after the first visit. I rather top up a little to the $33.90 and have my buffet some where. If this is the dessert buffet, I definitely will come back. Spending: Approximately SGD 33.90
your reservation must be made three days in advanced
Paid $38.80++ for a weekday dinner and i was led to a 2 seater table as i\'m alone at 6.30pm and the place is about quarter full. Upon sitting, i was immediately served a brown colour bowl of water with lemon for hand washing and i thought this is really good service coming from a buffet restaurant. Went back to entrance to start my buffet journey as that\'s where the cold foods are located. Had salmonbelly,tuna,swordfish,octopus for my sashimi - foods were fresh but soya sauce is those local very salty soya sauce,if they serve kikoman sashimi soya sauce...that would be perfect. Went back again to entrance but at the opposite of the sashimi station is my favourite rock oysters,stream chilled fresh prawns,crayfish and mussels. Next i went to the pasta station where we select our ingredients and the chef will prepare to our taste. Roasted station - Roast of that day is Gramma Ham Soup - Had Spanish Fish soup ;small chunks of salmon with sweet corns,creamy and tasty. Next station is the crab where they display live Sri Lanka crabs but your order are precooked crabs,very small like those you buy 3 for $10 in market,tasteless and very spicy and it\'s called chilli crabs- total disappointment for crab lovers like me. After i finished my crab,the servers immediately change my bowl of hand wash without even me asking..very good service. I then went straight to the stall where they serve hot drinks and it\'s kind of you are in a old kopitiam where i ordered my favourite coffee straight with extra condensed and the coffee was so good and aromatic in total i had 2 cups. Went to have their satay and it\'s so tasty like those old satay club\' satay served with not only nice peanut sauces but also pineapple blended which are rare too nowadays. Same counter you can find shisamo but they are too skinny and dry. For vegetables i had spinach with mushroom stir fried with salted eggs and century eggs. By here,i\'m too full and had to miss the teppan yaki,chicken rice stall,laksa,rojak,desserts,ice-creams and cold drinks.
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