Contain 100% Active Principles
The Amazing Abilities of Penta Peptides
  1. Intensive Lightening Effect
  2. Activation of Collagen synthesis by the Fibroblast Cells
  3. Increases Moisture Eetention of the Skin
  4. Elevate Cell Penetrating Activity
  5. Increase the Binding of Vitamins
  6. Aids in DNA Repair
Clinical Study (observation at the conclusion of 5 weeks study)
97%- stated their overall cosmetic appearance has improved
72%- stated the decrease in the appearance of wrinkles.
97%-stated the decrease in the incidence of acne
63%-stated the decrease in the incidence of blemishes
97%-stated the decrease in the visibility of dilated pores
100%- confirmed there was no product sensitivity.
The Six Serum Products at a glance:
  • Hyaluron Super Moist
  • Vitamin Flash
  • Peptide Relax-Life
  • Retinol Anti-Age
  • Collagen Filler
  • Ceramide Repair

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