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Your dental health is best maintained with regular preventive dental examinations and periodontal care.

Dental caries (decay) and chronic periodontitis (gum disease) are the most common diseases in the world, and apart from being potentially painful and expensive problems, they also affect your overall general health. Recent researches are discovering the links between dental problems and systemic conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

We encourage you to undergo regular oral hygiene reviews to prevent any potential oral problems before it leads to more complex health problems.

  • Typical routine appointments include x-rays, scaling, polishing, oral examination, and fluoride treatment. Other additional services provided by our dentists at routine treatments include fillings, extractions, saliva test (to test susceptibility to decay and gum disease) and oral hygiene instructions.
  • Our dentists serve as the primary care provider in managing your oral health care needs and coordinating treatment with in-house specialists when necessary.
  • We encourage you to visit us every six months to perform routine examinations and cleanings. Through your regular six monthly visits, we strive to keep you smiling because we care.
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