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Our men are trained to handle unique situations and environments.
They have also been trained to deal and approach towards suspicious persons, parcels and telephone threats.
With the present day threat of terrorism and bombing, we need to take strong measures by identifying and checking visitors or strangers entering the premises and to respond appropriately to the given situation.

There are various types of private condominiums all over the island. If you observe carefully, most of them have very lavish and beautiful landscapes with recreational facilities. As the emphasis is often placed on aesthetic environment and gracious living there appear to be little or no consideration for the security aspects for the residents. Therefore to blend and encompass a pleasant atmosphere without any let-up on safety and security needs, require the expertise and knowledge in policing high-rise residential buildings against intrusion and crime. Our company has vast experience, techniques and reliable security personnel to protect and safeguard the residents and their properties.


Industrial buildings are more vulnerable to theft & pilferages as it employs a large workforce for its operations. Frequent movement of vehicles and goods including employees working overtime poses a grave concern to employers on possible loss or damage to their goods. Therefore a different kind of security risks and exposure require a different security system to solve the problem. The security personnel deployed to these industrial buildings has to be vigilant to enforce strict measures for the documentation of vehicles and its cargo for onward transportation. We have the expertise & the know-how to provide experienced security personnel to conduct systematic checks and perform patrols in the premises.

3. The Right Personnels for Every Kind of Building
Since inception we have been involved in a whole spectrum of security and its related services especially to condominiums, factories, commercial and office buildings, vessels, schools etc. Our management staffs consist of former Police, Army and CISCO officers who have valuable expertise in every aspects of the security industry. If called upon, one of our professional executive will provide a comprehensive security audit of you building(s) detailing extensively the areas that need to be improved with the required manpower and options to include but not limited to the use of CCTV cameras or other monitoring systems. The introduction of an effective clocking and patrolling systems covering strategic locations or sites has its merits as it has been proven for its strong deterrence.

4. Emergency & Control Room:
Our company has a 24-hour Control Room to monitor all our personnel at any time during the day or night and in the event of an Emergency our back-up team and manager will respond immediately to provide any assistance to the men at the site.

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