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Products & Services

· General Physiotherapy

· Sports Injuries

· Neck and Back Care

· Surgical Rehabilitation

· Treatments:

1. Exercise therapy

2. Manual therapy

3. Massage/ Sports Massage

4. Electrotherapy/ Ultrasound

5. Taping

6. Thermo therapy/ Cryotherapy

· Manual Lymphdrainage

· Foot reflexology

· Massage

· Home Visit

· Other conditions we treat:

Besides sports injuries, rehabilitation after surgery and neck- and back problems we also treat many other conditions such as:

· Musculoskeletal disorders (muscle pulls and tears, tendinitis,
joint sprains, overuse injuries, painful shoulder, hip problems, knee pain, twisted ankle)

· Neurological disorders (Stroke, Parkinson, Multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury)

· Degenerative joint disorders (Arthritis, Osteoporosis)

· Heart- and lung conditions

· Rheumatic diseases

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