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For starters, pique the palate with an appetising Salad trio ($9.50); beautifully-presented mounds of appetising papaya prawn salad, mango salad and Madam Saigon’s special chicken salad, each with its own distinct dressing and flavour and perfect for those who would like a little taste of everything.

A heartier option is the Madam Saigon delight sampler (small - $23.00, large - $29.90) which offers diners assorted bites such as freshly-wrapped prawn summer rolls, fried spring rolls and spice chicken wings among other. Available in two sizes; for five to six or two to three people, this platter is ideal for sharing.

Among Madam Saigon’s specials is the communal dish of Saigon Hot pot (fish - $19.50, vegetables - $14.50) featuring a piquant sweet-sour broth with a bounty of ingredients such as fish slices and vegetables. The Vietnamese pancake ($10.90); a glutinous rice flour crepe filled with a mixture of crispy bean sprouts and prawns is another speciality.

A highlight on the new menu is the range of Vietnamese skewers, popular street food from Ho Chi Minh City. Pieces of chicken and beef are marinated with lemongrass, spices and lightly seasoned before grilling. Each skewer consists of tender, succulent meat and is paired with a mild and smooth peanut sauce dip. A highly-recommended skewer is the unusual BBQ betel leaves beef ($9.90), which features minced beef wrapped in betel leaves which impart an unmistakeably herbaceous flavour to the meat.

Naturally, Madam Saigon also serves up a selection of the ubiquitous Vietnamese noodle soup dish, pho ($7.90 - $8.90), which is cooked according to the traditional method where the soup stock is simmered with quality ingredients over several hours. With a choice of either flat rice noodle or vermicelli, customers can opt for piping hot bowls of this comforting dish with a combination of sliced beef, beef tendon, brisket or beef balls.

Alternatively, a Hue-style Spicy beef vermicelli soup ($8.90) laced with a numbing-hot chilli oil concoction, is a great pick for those who prefer something with a bit more oomph. Lighter options include Stewed beef noodle soup ($10.90) and Grilled chicken noodle soup ($8.90).

Bun, or vermicelli, served at room temperature complemented with a tangy sauce of chilli, lime juice, chillies and fish sauce is another perennial favourite. Paired with a topping of stir fried beef, sugar cane prawn or spring roll and tossed with the sauce at the table, this is a refreshing one-dish meal that is truly satisfying.

Other main course choices include a rich, robust Viet-style Sweet potatoes chicken curry ($10.90), Saigon special steamed egg & chicken chop ($9.50) and Stewed lemongrass chicken ($10.50) all served with steaming rice, as well as a variety of Fried flat rice noodle (kway teow) dishes.


Madam Saigon’s beverage list includes some novel creations such as Yammy colada ($4.90), an ice blended drink that incorporates yam and coconut milk with a drizzle of sweet Vietnamesepalm sugar. A great pick-me-up is the Lime & mint frizz ($4.90).

Strong Vietnamese drip coffee, artisan teas from Gryphon Tea Company and Fiji water are also available.


Designed to create an atmosphere reminiscent of Vietnamese eateries, Madam Saigon exudes a casual laidback feel.

Decorated with Vietnamese ornaments such as intricate wooden carvings and lacquer ware, Madam Saigon is furnished simply with rustic tables and chairs with the quintessential condiments tray on each table.