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Passenger Air Chartering

With an extensive aviation network, Chapman Freeborn has access to all types of aircrafts - including private jets, helicopters and VIP configured airliners. The company is experienced in providing air charter solutions for HNWIs, VIPs, governments, international music bands, corporations, and travel management companies.

In addition, Chapman Freeborn coordinates ad hoc and large-scale humanitarian relief flight operations for the United Nations, governments, international NGOs and other aid providers. In the first quarter of 2011, Chapman Freeborn was involved in the evacuation of over 20,000 passengers from countries in crisis including Japan's earthquake and tsunami, and unrest in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Bahrain.

Cargo Air Chartering

Chapman Freeborn has been voted as the 'Air Cargo Charter Provider of the Year' for five times in a row in 2007/2008/2009/2010/2011 by international freight forwarders and cargo airlines worldwide.

The company specialise in providing tailored charter services for:

  • Heavy & outsize pieces
  • Oil & gas equipment
  • Automotive cargo
  • High value commodities
  • Aerospace equipment
  • Humanitarian relief cargo
  • Peacekeeping support
  • Dangerous goods

Charter brokers at Chapman Freeborn focus on value-adding services and are dedicated to finding the best air charter solutions for the clients.

One example showing an out-of-the-box air charter solution is presented by charter brokers in Chapman Freeborn Singapore whereby the charter brokers designed and manufactured a specialised transport sledge so a giant piece of oil & gas equipment could be loaded into the IL-76 aircraft - saving the customer more than US $500,000 on alternative cargo charter options.

On Board Courier (OBC)/ Hand Carry Services

In addition to the air charter services, Chapman Freeborn also provide clients with specialised On Board Courier (OBC) services that hand carry urgent documents or critical items from point of origin into customer's possession at destinations anywhere in the world.

The couriers are strategically located worldwide and are equipped with dual passports and visas to ensure speedy passage and delivery of consignments. The OBC team possesses an expert knowledge of the courier industry and can provide advice on weight limitations, customs procedures, packaging requirements and restricted materials.

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