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Spacio is committed to provide the highest level of advice and treatment optional to customers. We offer effective non-surgical beauty treatments for thousands of customers, both men and women of all ages. Our treatments are performed using the safest and highest technological instruments with good trusted products.

Our First Trial Classic Facial Treatment (60min - 90min)
- Deep facial cleansing
- Exfoliation
- Vapor Spray
- Blackhead extraction
- Eyebrow Shaping
- Facial Massage
- Customized facial mask
Lymphatic Drainage for Detoxification
It works to improve the ability of the body's lymphatic system and help cleanse you from the inside out. Our trained beauticians will be very specific and effective at increasing the rate of removal of waste products, toxins and excess fluid from the body.
IPL Skin Rejuvenation
After the IPL treatment, clients who have pigmentation may notice the pigment is darker. This will gradually lighten over about 2 weeks. IPL can treat effectively on a wide range of facial concerns, such as redness, freckles, age spots and uneven skin texture.
RF Treatment
Radio Frequency is the latest technology to tackle face and body areas in need of rejuvenation. A combination with our customized therapy, an optimum non-surgical result is assured. The majority of our clients treated to date have given very positive feedback as to its results. It can be applied to different areas of the face, neck and body.
Freckles Removal
Spacio knows customers are always looking for solution. Spacio provides effective and affordable treatments for freckles, age spots and other pigmentation removal. With our customized treatment, you can surely have a clearer and brighter skin!
Waxing & IPL Hair Removal
Warm waxing is applied to the skin in the direction of the hair growth and subsequently pulled off. The results are far smoother and lasting longer than shaving. Our IPL is an excellent method for hair removal. In all methods of hair removal, IPL comes on top. But it must be stressed that it is a course of treatment and not a “one time affair”.
Eyebrow Embroidery & Alteration
Spacio knows many who suffer from wrong, misshaped eyebrows. Some unsatisfied, unaware the importance of great looks the eyebrow makes. At Spacio we have creative and professional brow designers and a great diversity of eyebrow shapes for your selection. You are assured the best and satisfying results each and every visit.
Massage (Limited to Bugis’ Outlet only)
Spacio have experienced masseuses who can provide you a great traditional massage experience. Tensions are soothed away, toxins are eliminated, and your body is filled with new found energy.
- Full Body Massage
- Gua Sha
- Cupping
- Body Polishing

Understanding that having beautiful skin is everyone’s dream, V10 Plus strongly
believes that having beautiful skin can be a reality using the 10 serums that cater to
different skin needs. Hence, they decided to share this wonder with everyone from all parts of the world. Over the years, without doubt the quality of V10 products had been recognized world-wide and the demand is constantly on the rise. V10 is currently distributed in Europe, Russia, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

V10 Plus Serums
- Bio-Cell Serum
- Amino Serum
- Ceramide Serum
- Collagen Serum
- Hyaluronic Acid Serum
- Placenta Serum
- Pycnogenol Serum
- Licorice Serum
- Vitamin-A Serum
- Vitamin-C Serum
V10 Plus Sun Block (SPF 40 PA+++)

V10 Plus Ceramide Cleansing Gel

Labogene the skin perfection system

The Skin Perfection system is specifically developed and formulated to tackle Asian skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, skin dryness and roughness, dull skin and uneven tone.

Developed by renowned Dermatologist, its unique formulations works synergistically to deliver the active ingredients that work in skin cellular level of skin, without disrupting the delicate balance of Asian skin.

- Ultra Gentle Cleanser
- Rebirth Matrix
- Intense Clear
- Intense Moist
- Time-Reverse
- Biomax
- UV Intense SPF35 PA++
- Derma Oxy-Dual

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