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We believe that children learn best through play.

Why is play important in children’s development?
Children get to explore their surroundings and learn how things function through play.
Play helps children discover his/her limits and special talents and in the event, he/she would also learn how to deal with their emotions.

Curriculum Areas
Concepts Acquired
Sorting objects using attributes
Music & Movement
Appreciate music and movement of body parts
Acquiring knowledge through direct experiences, self-exploration & discovery
Appreciate the beauty of language through stories, poems, songs & rhymes
Art & Craft
Working through art materials to create objects of aesthetics & creativity
Physical Activities
Children gain physical confidence as they develop their motor skills

What is Letterland ?

Letterland is a secret place where letters live. This inclusive, well structured system uses visual mnemonics called pictograms to help all children to learn.
Why is Letterland effective?
Learning to read, write and spell can be daunting for any child.
Letterland provides a safe, imaginative place to learn, because of the uses:
Systematic explicit phonics instruction

  • Pictographic mnemonics
  • A child-friendly instruction language
  • Activates multiple intelligences with multi-sensory teaching methods