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The arts
Muay Thai
The cultural martial art of Thailand, Muay Thai is an ancient art form that has crossed history and become the modern superpower sport that it is today. This is a discipline that uses the body to mimic weapons, with the hand becoming the blades, the shins and forearms hones to defend the body like armour, the elbows the mace and the knees the axe or staff. Muay Thai teaches the body to act as one, a single, harmonious unit to defend and attach when commanded. This is sport is ideal for those who have varying fitness goals and who also have the desire to achieve competence in striking and self-defence.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
The origins of “the gentle art” are a cultural union of Japan and Brazil. This martial art is in essence, a self defence discipline that largely teaches one the art of grappling, ground fighting and leverage. The meat and potatoes of this world sport is getting the opponent on the ground so to unleash ground fighting, chokeholds and joint-locks. Here, you will be tested just as much on your mind as on your body, as mental agility in predicting your opponents moves and manoeuvring yourself around him is the key to becoming successful in this sport. Top Gym offers both Gi and no Gi BJJ.
One of the oldest means of striking, boxing is the cornerstone of your stand-up game and should be incorporated into all MMA training. Teaching the important aspects of fast footwork, line of sight, evasion and quick striking, boxing can form the platform for you to easily slip into any other discipline. Learning boxing at Top Gym is ideal for those looking to an exhilarating and explosive work-out session, as well as learning the best ways to use your hands.
This several thousand year old sport should never be left out of an arena where ground fighting exists. Working well with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it teaches techniques like throws, takedowns, pins, clinch fighting and grappling holds that add another dimension and repertoire to your ground game. Top Gym offers vanilla wrestling as well as Russian Sambo for an intuitive training programme. Remember, while there are many styles that can evolve from wrestling, you will adapt and develop your own as you progress from class to class.
Mixed Martial Arts
One of the most exciting and exhilarating disciplines out there, Mixed Martial Arts is an unlimited combat sport that can utilise countless styles - from kickboxing to judo to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is the king of combination martial art sport and is the undisputed developer of a complete martial artist that can master the stand-up, striking and ground game. Anyone who has an interest in a single martial art can evolve into a MMA athlete. Top Gym offers MMA classes that take you from one aspect to the next, developing you stone by stone till you become the absolute martial artist.
The Training
Top Gym is a no air’s, no-nonsense MMA and fitness that combine edge-of-the-mat training with an open and friendly environment for learning, bonding and self-evolution. We firmly believe that disciplined training and mutual learning are not mutually exclusive and have forged an arena where any goal can be reached, fitness or fighting. We are also a gym that believes in grooming competitors that, who knows, might just be the next sensation.
The Top Gym ‘3T’ System
One of the unique things you can expect is the 3T System that we have put in place in all of our classes. It is a 3-system setup constantly rotated on a daily basis for all classes that keeps things fresh, lively and most importantly unpredictable. You will never know what programme is being adapted on any particular day, which means keeping you on your toes and enhancing fitness responses and blasting through training plateaus
This is an intensive training programme designed for fast explosive actions and developing quick reflexes which ramps up the cardio and focuses on developing your stamina. Bring a towel.
This is where we get into the intricacies of the art, where our trainers will look at your technique, execution and form. Here, we zero in on your skill factor and improve your overall defence practice. Expect some shouting.
Training Circuits
Circuit training takes all the various aspects of technique, explosive movements and core muscle conditioning into one 90 minute training session. This will test your stamina and overall conditioning, and targets major muscle groups especially your core. You will be tired.
Top Gym Martial Arts IPPT
Your fitness goal is our upmost concern. A specially designed fitness monitoring and test system puts you through a full fitness test and presents you with a clear picture of your fitness level, areas of improvement and your personalized accessment. Join us in the fun filled and adrenalin packed tests,as we monitor your weekly improvements and move forward to your ultimate goal. Would you be in our fitness hall of fame?
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