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Products & Services

Eye-Biz Pte Ltd distributes the following brands in Singapore and Worldwide

1. Urband (www.urband-eyewear.com)
2. Glossi (www.glossieyewear.com)
3. Eyelet (www.eyeleteyewear.com)
4. Nature Eyes by Linkskin (www.natureeyes-eyewear.com)
5. BigEyes2 Color Contact Lenses (clearvuelens.com/bigeye.com/)

If you want to purchase or want more information, please do visit our websites.

Email us at info@eye-biz.com or Call us at 67446239

We work with the following Partners

1. Nanyang Optical (www.nanyang.com.sg)
- A well known Eyewear Retailer found in Malls across Singapore. Our Eyewear Brands can be purchased here. Do visit them.

2. Urband-Paris (www.urband.com)
- Our Europe and USA Partner.

3. AAlens (www.aalens.com)
- Our online Contact Lens Partner

4. AAPetstore (www.aapetstore.com)
- Our online Pet Medications Partner

5. AASpex (www.aaspex.com)
- Our online Spectacles / Eyewear Partner

6. Vertlite (www.vertlite.com)
- Our online Eco Freindly Eyewear Partner

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