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The only car seat cover specialist with the widest selection in Singapore with an actual shopfront! We are located at 221 Balestier Road #01-09. Protect your car seats from stains & smudges, wear & tear Decor and add style to your car Cheaper alternative to upholstery Durable and Machine-washable
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The First and Only car seat cover boutique in Singapore
Visit our in-house catalogue for over thousand of ideas to customize the theme of your car!

Ready Stock
Hundreds of designs, widest selection! Come feel/touch/stretch the materials for yourself! Make your purchase and revamp your car the same day!

Wide range of available sizes
Fits almost all car models (including 7-seaters)

Matching Accessories
Steering wheel covers, Seat belt covers, Neckrests, Gear knob covers, Handbrake knob covers, Rear mirror covers, Non-slip pads, Sun visor CD holders, Car tissue pockets.

Wide Range of Cartoon Designs
Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Snoopy, Astroboy, Baby Milo, Mashimaro Melody, Schnauzer, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Transformers, Ultraman, Stitch, Nightmare before Christmas, Mickey Mouse, Chip N Dale, Super Mario Bros, Pooh Bear, Sesame Street, Pink Panther, Teddy Bear, Tweety Bird, Donald Duck, Simpsons & many more!

Top 3 Reasons to "Why Car Seat Cover"...
1) My car is new, I want to protect my new car seats for as long as possible!
Baby's drooling? Pet dog/kitty/hamster/tortoise scratches? Protect your car seats from wear and tear; stains and smudges, feel comfortable to allow the whole family to use the car with ease! Easy maintenance. Come witness our famous car seat cover that lasted more than 5 years at our display window! We've let the dogs loose on it and it's still standing strong!

2) My car is 2nd-hand / old, car seat cover is a smarter alternative to upholstery!
Car seats undergo wear and tear, stains and smudges. Standard upholstery can literally cost thousands (no exaggeration) depending on quality of material and workmanship. Plus the inconvenience of not having the car for 4 or 5 days, an investment in a washable car seat cover is only a mere fraction of upholstery cost. With COE so expensive and ownership of each car only 10 yrs, why bother going for upholstery?

3) I want to bring on a smile to whoever see my car, especially myself!
Because life is too short to drive a car "like everyone else". Just have to give my car a makeover to match my different moods! I get to match the interiors of my car with its exteriors just the way I like it!

4) I need to enjoy the cool feel of buckskin/ cotton/ lycra upon my back when I drive around in the heat of the day. Come feel our fabric, it's cool! )

Why Carbaby Car Seat Cover?

*All CarBaby car seats cover are made with the highest quality (85% cotton plus 15% polyesters raw materials, Korean breathable jersey or buckskin), developed for maximum comfort level, machine washable and dry-able (except for buckskin), these covers are cleaned quickly and easily, durability to withstand the vast amounts of direct sun and extreme temperatures exposure, act as an additional protection to leather or fabric seats as well as to reduce the direct sun heat absorption by the leather seats, reducing the cracking and fading of leather or fabric seats that come with unprotected sun exposure overtime and keep your car seats in top form condition. This is especially relevant to vehicles park under the sun for long hours.

CarBaby car seat covers protect your leather seats against immediate penetration of stains and sweat, helps to minimize the stains, scrap and deterioration and make you car seats feel and look like new after many years.

* refers to all new stocks. Promotional items may include cloth fabric and other materials giving wider price and design range.

All in all, because our cars are like our precious babies!...
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Hello Kitty, Doraemon & more car accessories available here!