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About Us
Crocodile Kingdom
After 3 years of running Crocodile Valley, the bosses decided to close the shop in view of the deteriorating economy.

However, a firm believer in the goodness of crocodile meat, the master chef decided to take over the existing business and continue promoting its goodness to everyone. Henceforth, Crocodile Kingdom is formed.

Now on its own, Crocodile Kingdom is introducing more dishes to amaze its loyal crew of customers, as well as invite everyone to try out its healthy dishes!
Visited them together with colleagues, who is crocodile meat lover. First time for me, so I not taking too much of the meat. Taste like chicken, as the texture is very similar to chicken. However the soup (Crocodile soup) is nice, and from what they say is very good to health. Do try them out, if you not reject to try new things. You won't regret.
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16 Aug 2014 22:06:48
Products & Services
Crocodile Kingdom
  • Herbal Crocodile Tail
  • Stewed Crocodile Tail
  • Crocodile Palm
  • Herbal Crocodile Fin
  • Stewed Crocodile Fin
  • Crocodile Skin
  • Superior Crocodile Tonic
  • Crocodile Liver
  • Herbal Crocodile Soup
  • Spring Onion Ginger Crocodile Meat
  • Chinese Red Wine Sauce Crocodile
  • Spicy Diced Crocodile Meat
  • Tom Yum Crocodile Soup
  • Curry Crocodile Meat
  • Crocodile Bak Kut Teh
  • Black Pepper Crocodile Meat
  • Honey Crocodile Ribs
  • Sambal Kang Kong Crocodile Meat
  • Bitter Ground Crocodile Meat
  • Century Egg Crocodile Porridge
  • Crocodile Ribs Noodles
  • Curry Crocodile Meat Noodles
  • Crocodile Meat Bee Hoon
  • Salted Egg Crocodile Porridge
This stall has been closed Date: 20/6/2015
Blk 51 #01-103 Old Airport Rd Singaporeâ?? 390051
A place to look for crocodile meat....
Anyway, here I\'d like to talk about "the place" to have crocodile meat in Singapore. The place called Crocodile Kingdom and located at Old Airport Rd. Hawker Center. They are specialized only on cooking crocodiles in various styles. We ordered black pepper crocodile for two people like the one above to have the taste of the meat of this paleontological creature. The dish was garnished with a lot of vegetables and onion besides black paper and sauce. Although all of the ingredients had dominant touches on the taste of the plate, it is still hard to get the taste of the crocodile.
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