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Manual FPI System; Bulky Part Type Design Compact Coalescing Filtration System Post Cleaning Ultrasonic System Vacuum Drying Oven Circulation Oven Aqueous Base Cleaning Agent High Efficiency Ultrasonic Resonators Vapor Degreaser Competitive Modular Ultrasonic Cleaning System Compact Ultrasonic Cleaners for cleaning of small parts
About Us

Cyclosystem designs and manufactures industrial cleaning machines (ultrasonic or jet spraying), vacuum drying ovens, diodegradable cleaning agents and detergents, waste water treatment plant and other industrial related process equipment.

Products & Services
  • Cyclojet; Eco-friendly jet spraying cleaning solutions for solvent or detergent based cleaning of industrial parts.
  • Cyclosonic; Modular ultrasonic cleaning equipment
  • Cycloblast; A fully integrated compact grit/shot blasting range that allows high throughput with minimum investment and operating cost. The equipment can also be customized to your specific needs.
  • Cycloheat; circulation or vacuum drying ovens
  • Cycloclean; cleaning agents/biodegradable detergents to suit your needs.
  • Cyclotreat; A compact waste water treatment plant with optional complimentary recycling systems




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