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Delhi Restaurant (Race Course Road) Delhi Restaurant (Race Course Road) Delhi Restaurant (Race Course Road) Delhi Restaurant (Race Course Road) Delhi Restaurant (Race Course Road) Delhi Restaurant (Race Course Road) Delhi Restaurant (Race Course Road) Delhi Restaurant (Race Course Road) Delhi Restaurant (Race Course Road) Delhi Restaurant (Race Course Road)
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Though it's a small restaurant, it offers excellent and authentic North Indian cuisine. Love the Garlic Naan, fragrant yellow rice, mixed vegetable kurma, Malar chicken kebab...
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5 Mar 2013 22:05:35
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Delhi Restaurant , 60 Race Course Road 218567
Tel 6296 4585
48 Race Course Road 218560
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After our shopping at Mustafa Shopping Center we headed off to Delhi Restaurant for lunch and to specially try out their special Mix Grilled Sizzler. After we arrived and were comfortably seated we began to look through the menu and select our food. We quickly selected the Mix Grilled Sizzler, Rogan Josh and some Garlic Naan. Our food arrived in about 10mins time with the Mix Grill nice and sizzling hot. We served our selves and began to enjoy our food and everything was just so delicious and good to eat. We had tried their mix grilled sizzler for the first time and we were not at all disappointed with it since it was really very tasty and so yummy. After our meal we ordered for 3 plates of Mango Kulfee which was just as good and nicely presented. We enjoyed our Family lunch and headed for home happily
We frequent Delhi Restaurant very often since we love their food so much. This time we decided to order for Mutton Vindaloo( mutton in Vinegar curry), Naans & aloo parata. The Vindaloo was so tasty,the aroma of vineger,added to the flavour of the dish & the meat was well cooked, the colour of the curry too was really apealing. We ate the mutton Vindaloo with naans & Aloo parata. The Aloo Parata (potato Prata) was yummy. It was soft,had a nice potato filling inside. This was another meal that we enjoyed at Delhi restaurant. The warm & friendly staff, the convenient location (in Little India) & the great food takes us to Delhi Restaurant again & again.
Naan sold here is really fluffy and the texture is not too oily and with slight crispyness on the outer surface.Whether you eat it on its own or you eat with the curry chicken, both taste equally nice!The curry gravy is thick and with slight sweetness in it.Glad it is not too spicy, so I can dip my naan as much as I want in it, however do note it is still sinful too. The portion is quite generous and good to satisfy an adult for per portion.Usually their curry chicken is one of their best selling dish so sold out very fast too.
Over the weekend, We decided to go to Little India for dinner,as we were in the mood for Indian dinner. We normally use to frequent The Delhi restaurant on Syed Alawi road since its centrally located, but this time we decided to go to the branch at race course road. It was quite a walk, but it was worth it. The ambience was really nice. I loved the entrance. It was a massive & fancy door,that was really impressive. Once we got in, we were guided to a table & handed the menu by the friendly staff. We browsed through and ordered a Chicken Pudina and some naan. The chicken pudina was so tasty. It was spicy and had a lovely mint flavour.The naans too were soft and tasty. We finally ended our dinner with some malai kulfi,which was really yummy, it was smooth,creamy & yummy. We really enjoyed our dinner at Delhi restaurant & always do.Spending: Approximately SGD 15(Dinner)
On Good friday, after the service in church, we thought of going to Little India to have a veg dinner, since we had been to Delhi Restaurant before, we went there again. Delhi Restaurant serves veg & non-veg Indian food. When we reached there, we noticed that there were quite alot of people dining there. I observed that alot of Europeans dine at Delhi. The ambience was lovely, dim lighting, colourful lamps hanging all over the place. The entrance too has a fancy wooden door. As we took our seats,the waitress immediately served us a bowl of crispy papads. We munched onto the papads while we decided on the menu. We chose Chana masala with stuffed Kulchas & plain naans. We also ordered for a plateof french fries as starters. The fries were served first and were sprinkled with salt & pepper. Then came the food. The Chana Masala was really tasty. It was a red spicy gravy with chick peas and tasted yummy with the plain naan & stuffed kulcha. Stuffed kulcha is a roti,stuffed with vegetables, it was quite tasty and filling. We enjoy dining at Delhi Restaurant,since its not only the food thats great, but the service is good & quick and the staff was really friendly & the food is reasonably priced. We definitely had a lovely time dining at Delhi Restaurant.Spending: Approximately SGD 14
This morning I had been to City Square Mall for shopping. After I finished with my shopping there I went to Mustafa\'s to pick up some groceries and after I was done I headed over to Delhi Restaurant to pick up my kids favorite snack ofVeg Samosa\'s. I placed my order and sat while the samosa were being fried. After a wait of about 7mins I got my order nice and hot and packed nicely in a foil. I quickly paid up and left the restaurant and headed for home.We are enjoying them for Tea right now
My bf and I love Indian food but often find it too heavy so we try to eat it only once a mth.. We frequent delhi but often end up eating the same kind of food because.. firstly.. we cant really remember the indian name of the dishes.. too afraid to try the funky sounding ones.. so we order the usual.. palek paneer (spinach puree with goat cheese).. its my absolute favourite because i feel very healthy eating this because its all green! but its actually quite fattening.. anyway the ones they serve here is very very good and goes very well with the garlic naan... This time around we ordered the fish grilled in banana leaves which is very very yummy n fresh.. which made a good balance to all that heavy sauce of the other dishes.. the others we ordered was masala chicken and some cauliflower thing in a yellow sauce.. everything is yummy! and the good thing abt delhi at this branch is that the menu has description in english.. which is great for people trying out indian food for the first time.. but with the array of indian restaurants arnd the same area.. I would say this one is quite pricey..Spending: Approximately SGD 35
We had a nice dinner at Delhi Restaurant,where we tried out some indian food after a long time. We had Lamb kababs for starters. We were served about 8 pieces of Kababs. Then we ordered jeera rice, Rogan josh (mutton)Delhi Dal makhani & plain naans. For dessert we ordered Mango Kulfi. The food was great. Loved the kababs & dal Makhani. Really enjoyed the Mango Kulfi as well. It was very tasty & creamy. The food prices were reasonable too. Had a lovely evening.
We had been to Delhi Restaurant to celebrate our little birthday as a family. We decided on lunch since that is very convenient for us. We arrived there at 1.00 and were seated and the little baby was given a baby chair to sit. We ordered for soft drinks and then we ordered our meal. We placed an order for Mutton Josh (since we had heard a lot about it.), Potato and Cauliflower and naan. We had to wait for quite a while till our food was served. But it was worth the wait since the food was excellent and we really enjoyed it. Specially the Mutton Josh!! Good Job guys only improve on your service please.Spending: Approximately SGD 16.00(Lunch)
Went there for a light lunch and decided to order some curry with naan while my partner had the same choice but a different curry. We had our usual butter chicken curry and a fish masala curry. Instead of the baspati rice which we normally order, we decided to go for the naan instead as rice was too filling. The naan was crispy and fragrant. The texture is easy to tear and does not collapse easily when peeled.
Had a go at the usual dishes at the other delhi restaurant with an additional side / starter dish, the vegetarian chilli pakora which is actually fried dumpling. The outer layer is very crispy and even though the fried dumpling is not very hot, it tastes well enough. The crumps that you see on the plate is actually salt!
Tried on a fish curry this time round, the fish masala curry. The fish is soft and easy to chew, no bones present. The curry gravy was quite salty, without some baspati rice, the gravy would have been too overpowering. Still, a decent dish to order at this place. 1 dish is enough to fill me up.
I have been eating quite a lot of different cuisines lately. My friend brought me to delhi restaurant for some delicious indian food. I haven been eating a lot of cuisine but I was excited to give it a try. The naan was really delicious, it was very fragrant. Very light, does not give you a heavy feeling in your tummy. The dip was good, brings out the taste of the naan. I recommend this restaurant for those who want to try indian food! You will not be disappointed.
I decided to wait in the restaurant while waiting for my restaurant. I had the starters which was pappaddam together with onion and mint chutney as an accompliment. An usual combination but it was definitely very nice. I had the onion together with the pappaddam andthe mint chutney on top. It was very crunchy and a little spicy.
It was my first time going to this restaurant. The ambience was really nice. The staff were also very friendly. I wanted to try something new and ordered the kashmiri naan. It was very sweet as it had raisins inside and nice. Unlike other naans, where u would have to dip in gravy, this naan can be eaten on its own. I also ordered rice with butter chicken gravy. The gravy was really good and thick. Tasty indeed.
A very much interesting place to dine. On afternoons, it seems quiet, good for couples who prefer a peaceful time. Muthu\'s Curry is just some distance away and compared to it, this restaurant\'s size is puny. The food and service however, does itself justice. Your glasses will never be empty with the water coming around every now and then. Can\'t find any faults with the service here really. The Butter Chicken here is solid, thick and the chicken were very tender. Garlic Naan was plain tasting but the smell was fragrant. Do not order the baspati rice as it\'s not well cooked here. Too dry for my taste.
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