About Us
We are a well-established company that provide loss recovery management for financial institutes, companies, individuals, etc. We have worked with many satisfied clients on debt management/recovery.

Founded in 2001, a licensed debt recovery company, we provide recovery services that strictly complies with rules and regulations by local authorities. We are closely associated with related agencies in south-east Asia, with a team of experienced field officers, we pledge to protect our clients’ image and recover our clients’ asset.

As a professional debt recovery agency, our services are designed to give you confidence in your transactions, with the secure knowledge and assurance that you have the full back up and expertise of a company that have an excellent track record in helping our clients with successful recoveries.

With Double Ace Associates as your Collection Agency, you will have unlimited resources at your finger tips. Our combined efforts will improve your company’s cash flow and bring “slow payers” back to you as a better paying customer. One of the biggest mistakes often made in managing receivables is waiting too long before contacting an agency for collections. After a year the attorney general states the debt is only worth 10 cents on the dollar. Therefore, at Double Ace Associates, it’s our task to help you jump ahead of the problems instead of falling behind them.

Double Ace Associates treats all of our clients’ with the utmost respect and in no way would we ever jeopardize that relationship. Our professionalism during collections will most often Bring Most Debtors Back as Better Paying Customers. Our in-depth research will provide everything we need to recognize your customers’ financial standing. At that time (with your consent) we will move forward with what we deem the best way to retrieve your money. We will work with you as much or as little as you like. Many clients just send the accounts to our office and wait for payments, while others prefer to speak with our representative and have constant updates throughout the recovery process.

At Double Ace Associates, we take pride in our rate of collection and it’s our goal to maximize your accounts receivable income and ensure that your customers are handled in the right manner. If the need arises, or when face with unusual situation, our recovery officer will conduct onsite visits with the combinations of written and verbal techniques. Our team of effective and well trained enforcement and recovery officers had underwent a stringent selection process and completed a specialized training course. We are well equipped, both physically and technologically to conduct our services in a more efficient and professional manner.
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