A Complete Lucid Absinthe Review

Lucid Absinthe Superieure happens to be the first wormwood derived, authentic, legally imported absinthe to make its market debut in 95 years and I recently had a chance to compare it against others I have tried over the years. To start with, I found the bottle to be very attractive and interesting to look at with its two green glowing eyes that seemed to look out at me.

Actually, I found the taste to be quite palatable when compared to many of the other brands of absinthe I have had the chance to try over the years. Just like other finer quality absinthes I have had the pleasure of drinking, aromatic oils were easily visible floating on the surface of the delicate green liquor.

At twenty-four proof, it packs the kick that a fine absinthe is supposed to have. One more thing that I like about this new legally obtainable brand of absinthe is that it doesn't contain any of the thujone that other absinthes tend to have in varying quantities.

I was a lot more experimental in my younger days then I am now with regards to mind altering substances and it was nice to try some absinthe without having to think about what it was going to do to be beyond the effects of the alcohol.

I did find the taste of this newer absinthe a little different however and after a few sips and some studying I determined that it was a little light on the anise. I do believe that this was done to make it more palatable to American tastes which tend to not favor a heavy anise flavor.

All in all I found it quite palatable and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an authentic French made absinthe that is devoid of the thujone that many people would actually prefer to do without.

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