Serving Alcohol At Your Restaurant

There are many pros and cons of serving alcohol at a restaurant. If you own such a business then you need to evaluate each of them. It can be a profitable aspect of your business on one hand. On the other though it can be time consuming and frustrating with all of the laws you need to follow.

Serving alcohol at a restaurant can be profitable and that is why so many people choose to do so. You also get your hands on those guests who love to eat out but want an alcoholic drink to go with it. They will frequent other establishments if you don't offer them that choice regardless of how good your food is. Other people are turned off by any restaurant though that does serve alcohol so they won't come in.

You will find that offering alcohol does draw in a nice crowd. Some people will come in just so they can drink with their meal. Others will see that they are offered on the menu and choose to have one or two with their meal. Some people don't go to restaurants that serve alcohol at all. Others only want that type of establishment due to their interest in drinking. It can be hard to decide which one is going to work the most in your favor.

If you decide to set up your restaurant with a bar area, be prepared for some money to be involved. There are glasses, accessories for the drinks, and of course the alcohol itself you need to have available. You are also going to need to hire excellent bartenders who know how to make an array of popular drinks.

By the same token though, you can sale the alcohol for much more than you pay for it. We all know ordering a beer in a restaurant will cost us twice as much as buying one at the liquor store. So that is quite a bit of profit you can end up making on the drinks alone. That can be a very enticing reason to go ahead and offer it.

You can have wait staff that is old enough to work taking care of your guests. However, if they are under the drinking age they can't serve the alcohol. This is something that you will need to work out the details of. Other wait staff may not appreciate having to cover their orders. They also may not have the time. Yet you don't want to avoid hiring younger people who would be excellent employees either.

You also have to make sure every single one of the people you serve alcohol to is old enough for it. If they don't have ID on them then they don't get a drink - no exceptions. If you don't believe the ID real then they shouldn't get any alcohol offered to them either. Pay attention to how they are doing with it as well.

As you can see there are certainly several pros and cons of serving alcohol at your restaurant. You will need to decide which of them pertain to your own personal needs. You also want to decide what type of atmosphere you wish to display at your restaurant. If you decide you do want to serve alcohol then you need to make sure you are responsible about it and don't cut corners that can turn into big issues for you.

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