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While Champagne is perceived by many to be a luxury item, for some, drinking champagne is in fact a necessity. Champagne is the world's favorite festive drink to celebrate the holidays and special occasions in our lives: weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, and other occasions.

Champagne is perfect as a pre-dinner cocktail; it is a wonderful accompaniment to most menus, affording a delightful alternative to the traditional white or rosé table wines. Champagne can also be a lovely dessert wine. It goes with most foods and is good to drink anytime. You can even create your own classic wine-and-food matches, if you are passionate about these things. Champagne is, indubitably, the most known beverage in the world.

Once in awhile, you should serve it just for the sheer pleasure to be derived from its tricky bubbles.
Champagne has no equal match and nothing else deserves the name. Champagne is classified on the label with different levels of dryness or sweetness. The driest is brut, then there is the extra dry, (which in fact tastes slightly sweeter), then comes sec, demi-sec and the sweetest champagne category is doux. Demi-sec and doux are very sweet and are considered dessert wines. It is recommended at weddings when serving the wedding cake. The brut should be avoided for such occasions. And, another distinct category is the Dom Perignon champagne, which doesn’t need any introductions or descriptions of its taste. Champagne has reached its maturity and is ready for immediate consumption as soon as it leaves the champagne house, it has already been matured for 5 - 7 years. However, champagne may be stored in cellar-like conditions for several years. The conditions are important a constant, cool temperature, no vibrations and no light, the bottles must be stored horizontally to keep the cork moist and thus retain it's elasticity. This will keep the gas in and the air out.

Once opened, a bottle of champagne need not be consumed in one sitting. If properly closed, inexpensive champagne stoppers are made just for this purpose, and it is placed in a refrigerator, it should be good for another "bubbling" for up to several days. Dom Perignon is the most admired and well-known champagne ever. It is the equivalent of glamour and exquisite tastes. It is a symbol of champagne wines, of joyfulness, of celebration and of glamour.

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