Not All Alcohol Shots Are Created Equal

For parties having a selection of drinks ensures that the fun and laughter won't disappear into awkward silence. There are many types of drinks that can be used to make people relax and have fun. These can include fruit juices, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks. Of the alcoholic drinks there are some people who prefer having alcohol shots.

Now at this point you are probably wondering what the difference is between these alcohol shots and the normal alcoholic beverages. The main difference lies in the fact that not every alcoholic drink can be taken as an alcohol shot. There are certain types of alcohol that have always been used as alcohol shots.

These alcohol shots include Absinthe, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Gin and many others. Now these alcohol shots are usually taken by people who have the ability to hold their liquor. As these are very potent alcoholic drinks there is a strong possibility that normal drinkers may get very badly drunk on these extremely quickly.

As we have all heard of these various alcohol shots we should take a closer look and see what these drinks are really like. Whiskey as we know is produced and distilled from grains. They are aged in oak casks to give them their distinctive taste. You will find that there are different types of whiskey and that the alcohol strength and quality for each of these is somewhat different.

We will now look at Absinthe. This interesting drink originally comes from Switzerland. Absinthe is also called la Fe'e Verte and it has an unusual taste of anise. This is a very highly alcoholic drink and it is distilled and flavored, which is why you will be able to taste the anise flavoring that is present.

Our next stop in alcohol shots is that of Vodka. There are many different types of Vodka available in the world and I am sure that many of you have at some point tasted a little bit of Vodka. Generally Vodka is colorless and it is distilled from grains as well. The alcohol volume in the Vodka ranges in strength from the very mild 35 % to the 70%. In most cases Vodka is used in very popular cocktails but there are some brave souls out there who like their Vodka neat.

So the next time that you go to a bar and hear someone ask for alcohol shots you will know what they are ordering. This is also a warning to you unless you have the ability to hold your liquor not to ask for alcoholic shots.

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