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Beer is one of the most well-liked and significant part of the German culture. As a matter of fact, its popularity is well known is several countries all over the world. The diversity of the beers in Germany is very wide. That is because there are more than a beer thousand breweries all across Germany. The reputation of the German beer is the result of the strict process it undergoes before it is sold to the public. The reason for the strict process is because beer breweries in Germany are must follow the purity law that is set by the German government. The purity law makes it possible for the breweries in Germany to distinguish which component they must and must not use. The key ingredients that breweries Germany are allowed to use are water, hops, and barley malt.

You may have heard about or know what is "Oktoberfest", for those who do not; Oktoberfest is a world famous beer festivity that is held each year in Munich, Germany. Oktoberfest is regularly celebrated on the late part of September and lasts for two weeks, usually ending in the early part of October. The said beer festivity is regularly visited by beer lovers from several countries all over the world. The unique and savory flavor of the German beers makes beer lovers from several part of the world want travel to Germany just to celebrate and experience the luscious and distinct experience of German beers. Visited by more than 5 million beer aficionados each year, Oktoberfest is the biggest and largest among the numerous beer festivities in the whole world these days.

Only the local breweries in Munich are the ones that are allowed to supply beer in the larger tents during the festivity. In addition to that, there are six local breweries that manufacture wide variety of German beers throughout the beer festivity. If you attend this world renowned beer festivity, you will experience the taste and most of all enjoy the rich bold flavor that made German beers famous.

Oktoberfest is one of the reasons why German beers are known all over the world. If you are one of the countless beer drinkers of today but have never tasted and experience what it is like to drink German beer, you really must try one because the instant you have tried and experienced the savory tastes of German beer, you will immediately know the reason why German beers are known all over the world.

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