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In world there are many different types of alcoholic beverages. Many of these are firm favorites with people. One of the all time favorites is that of beer. While there are many different beer brands that we can enjoy drinking we shall instead take a small tour into the Guinness beer brewing industry. This tour will however mainly focus on the Guinness brewery and not on the technical parts.

As most of you are aware Guinness beer is an Irish beer that is styled after the alcoholic drink called Porter. The main brewery where this beer is made can be found in Dublin, Ireland. The brewery’s name is that of Saint James’s Gate Brewery. From this brewery alone the companies has produced many different variations of Guinness beer.

For a short time period you could find the London branch of the Guinness brewery as well. This branch closed down in 2005. All of the production that had previously occurred here at the Park Royal Guinness brewery was continued in the original brewery. This closure is probably due in part to the belief of British Guinness beer drinkers that the Irish brewed beer tasted better than the English version.

When the Dublin brewery was first chosen the founder of the company signed 9,000 year lease. The unused portion of the brewery was to pay the owners of the building 45 English pounds per year. The final porter of the Guinness brewery was made in 1974. From this point on you were able to find lots of other beer types being brewed at their base of operations.

The Guinness brewery in Ireland brews about 19 different types of beer. The brewery will only distribute these many different beer types if they are of the high quality that is expected from Guinness. The beer that you buy from various supermarkets is the end result of many hours of consumer research. This research is the reason why the Guinness brewery is able to produce the beer that many people want.

The next time that you choose to buy this beer you may want to think about the effort that is placed in order to make a superior beer. You may be interested in hearing that the Guinness beer which is produced at the Guinness brewery is also known as liquid bread and a meal in a glass. This means that while other types of beer can help to quench your thirst only Guinness beer from the Guinness Brewery is capable of providing you with a nourishing and yet thirst quenching drink.

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