Advice for a Good Cup of Coffee

In the coffee business there are people called a 'barista'. A 'barista' is some who prepares coffee drinks. Also in the coffee business there are professional coffee tasters called 'cuppers'. Cuppers and baristas work together with the companies to find the best tasting beans to create the best drinks. It the barista, though, who left to serve the customer with the final product and they who will be told upfront just how good it is. That is why their opinions are highly valued.

Coffee beans are produced in around 70 different countries. They are produced everywhere from Africa to the Middle East and from South America to the Caribbean. They are also produce in Hawaii. The band of coffee producing countries is around the equator where the weather is perfect for growing them. Of course each country has it own climate which somewhat differ from each other. This causes each country to produce their own unique type of coffee bean. The difference in the equipment and techniques used also can be seen form country to country and also in a factor in how different the coffee product is. Despite these differences, though, coffee plants are all in two major categories - Arabica and Robusta. Robusta has half the caffeine of Arabica and is used in the finest coffees. They are more flavorful beans with a full aroma. Higher altitudes make for better bean growth. In fact altitudes at 3000 feet or above are preferred. Coffee beans grown in these premium conditions are called Milds. Beans grown at lower altitudes are called by different names, such as Brazils.

Judgment of the bean will include consideration to where it is grown as mentioned above. Additionally. The judgment will also take into consideration roasting. The customer may roast their own beans, so they will get a good green colored bean and that is about as far as the judgment goes. However, for those looking for roasted beans, the judgment is broken down further. There are light beans that are often referred to as cinnamon. They are acidic and have a lot of caffeine content. Then there are medium beans which are also called American. They are darker and do not produce the highest quality, but they are popular. Then there are the dark or city roast that are used in many specialty shops because they have low caffeine and an acid taste that result in a less bitter and sweeter cup of coffee. They are general use din espresso. There is also the French roast which is full bodied, dark and made with an oily bean. There is the darkest or Italian roast. It is used a lot for espresso and has a deep brown color with a pungent aroma and are considered to make a fine cup of coffee. As you go from light to darkest the taste and quality of the coffee will be less acidic and more sweet. The carmelization of the sugar in the coffee bean during roasting is the reason for this. The longer the roasting the more sweetness and the less caffeine which causes a bitter taste.

The next time you are out shopping for coffee you can keep these barista tips in mind for choosing the best kind of coffee for your coffee makers. You should know the beans and understand what type you need to suit your taste.

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