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The Coffee Grinder - The Perfect One

Fresh ground coffee beans are one of the most desirable parts in coffee appreciation. The smell sifts through the nose to the mouth and who can then resist a cup of Java or espresso? However, previously ground beans are not as enticing as freshly done ones. The coffee grinder can be a noisy and heated experience. The alternative is the old fashioned antiqued variety.

The antiqued ones don't create too much heat and give you the perfect grind and odor that you enjoy. They are also very appealing and fit into any kitchen style. The modern kitchen gets a touch of class when one of these coffee mills adorns the surface.

The best one was made in the 1920's and fits into any modern kitchen. Most people were into Art Deco at that time, and the mill reflects that sleek and cleaned lined design of the era. In fact, it is very easy to find. Almost all of these mills were designed this way.

Most people prefer traditional over modern and the selection of styles they can find. Some sit on the surface; others can be mounted on your wall. Whichever appeals to you, it will add character to your kitchen, but at the same time providing the practicality you need.

Antique coffee mills are one of my favorites because of their beautiful designs. They have a grinding handle on the top and a tiny drawer to gather up the grinds at the base. It is simple, but attractive in design.

The mills are made of wood, which is usually not painted. Sometimes the handles have been carefully detailed as well. These were made of cast iron, a traditional addition at the time.

In 1905 in Connecticut, the Parker Nation mill was designed and reflected the traditional mills of the early 1900's. It has a gorgeous bronze exterior at the top end and has a very attractive shape.

Though that type is lovely, I do prefer the mystery of the French or German ones. They too can be wall mounted, but I am welcomed with a field containing a couple, praying, set on a porcelain exterior. This is very attractive indeed. Unfortunately, this type is very hard to come by and until I gather more information, it is stuck in the store.

Whichever one appeals to you, whether it is the simplicity or the design, adding an antique type coffee grinder to a kitchen is the perfect beginning before you savour your final brew. In fact, it doesn't really matter if you don't use it; it will make for a great conversation when friends come to visit.

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