Coffee Across Geographical Barriers

Coffee, both hot as well as cold, is perhaps one of the most universally consumed beverages. The number of variations you can make with the drink are truly amazing, especially as you move on to the various parts of the world, where each region adds its own exotic touch to give the drink a new taste altogether. In this section, we take a quick look at the different modes of preparation of this wonderful drink and the methods followed across different countries and cultures.

Across the world

Well, to begin with, the Caribbean style is one of the most unusual and almost challenging to prepare. You have to begin by baking a coconut for 30 minutes approximately, at a temperature of about 134C. Once done, remove it and let it cool for some time. Following this, break open the shell and take out the flesh and grate. Now mix together the meat, coconut milk as well as half a cup of cow's milk in a pan. Keep the heat on until the mixture thickens. After straining to remove the present granules, mix the entire mixture with a cup of coffee.

On the other hand, the Mexican mocha brings together the wonderful flavors of coffee along with chocolate. Mix a teaspoon of chocolate syrup, a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and the same quantity of nutmeg together. Add in one cup of coffee along with white or organic sugar. Now, lets move on to Grog, which also happens to be the traditional treat for an English holiday.

Now, lets move on to Grog, which also happens to be the traditional treat for an English holiday. To prepare this, foremost carefully peel a large orange and lemon and slice them properly. Add a peel of moderate size into the bottom of the cup. To this, further add in 1/3rd tablespoon of butter, 1 tablespoon brown sugar and a small pinch of nutmeg, ground cloves ad cinnamon. At last, add half a cup of coffee. Stir until it is well blended and add cream to taste.

Other Flavours

The other internationally flavored styles include the Viennese, Turkish and famous for its iced drink, the Vietnamese. In the Viennese style, 1/8th cup of dark chocolate is put into a sauce pan along with 1 tablespoon of light cream. After adding in half a cup of coffee , you will be required to whip it to make it frothy, thereafter allowing it to settle. On the other hand, the Turkish coffee is very strong, usually made in a special "dezva" pot. Meanwhile, the iced coffee of Vietnam is also a specialty in its own.

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