Coffee Bean Roaster: Having Special Blends at Home

Literally, every day, thousands of people all over the United States and the world, thrive and survive, on the first coffee of the day. It has been the almost thew first step in many peoples working day, and with companies like Starbucks, it has become an experience.

If you are one of those people who loves the morning coffee, you can have your own special blends at home instead of buying on your way to the office. To make some really good coffee at home, you will need a coffee bean roaster and a good coffee maker.

You can always buy pre-roasted coffee off the grocery shelves, but the choice of roasting your own coffee has many advantages as you can your own unique flavors and experiment with your coffee. This gives you the choice of French roast coffee one morning, and then have strong Italian the next day, or even create your own special flavor by mixing different blends.

Learning How to Roast Coffee Beans

Learning how to roast coffee beans can be a lot of fun. To get started, you will need a reliable coffee bean roaster. Although there are many sold in all department stores, not all of these coffee bean roasters are equal in quality.

To make sure that your coffee bean roaster will do the job well, buy a well-known brand. Branded products tend to better quality and last longer in the case. Also you will have the bonus of reliable customer service.

Next you will need some coffee beans, from your grocery store. Getting different types will allow you to experiment with different mixes. For example, for a good Arabian blend, you will need to add cardamom, cinnamon and some vanilla to add flavors.

You need to roast your coffee beans well, to achieve that full body flavor with a dry after taste at the same time, being careful not to burn the beans as will create a bitter flavor.

On the other hand, if you want to get that Brazilian taste to your coffee, set your coffee bean roaster to moderate dark roast. Again, take care not to overcook or burn your coffee beans.

To learn more about roasting coffee beans in your roaster, get a book about coffee. There are plenty of books available in the bookstores and check out amazon for the best pricing.

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