The Myths About Coffee

Millions of people out there love to drink coffee on a daily basis. It is often something we grab in the mornings. Yet it seems like we are constantly bombarded with information that tells us drinking coffee is bad for you. Owners of coffee shops need not worry though. We all have our habits and lucky for you drinking coffee is one of them for many individuals out there.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. It stands to reason that people need to take action to reduce their chances of it occurring. It is scary when you read that drinking coffee may be a factor in causing it then. Yet there are simply too many other factors that have to be considered as well. Drinking coffee can t alone be held accountable for it.

Some individuals have decided to drink decaffeinated coffee in order to reduce the caffeine intake the have each day. That was all good and well for them until reports came in that decaffeinated coffee was linked to high cholesterol. It seems that coffee drinkers out there just can win even when they are trying to make good choices.

The issue of obesity is definitely a concern in our society though. This is one area where coffee often does have a very bad reputation. The days of plain old coffee have gone out the window in many places. Coffee shops all over the place offer you a choice of many flavored drinks. Yet the calories you will get from the may astonish you. If you consume these types of drinks daily you may notice you are putting on a few pounds. You may be wondering why if you haven t changed your eating habits.

Many individuals feel that drinking coffee makes them energized. They are ready to start their day after a few cups of their favorite brew. They are also ready to work late at night, drive a car for hours, and crap for exams. This is due to the fact that coffee is a stimulant. Yet there is information out there about how too much of it can make you jittery.

It is true that coffee affects everyone differently. Some people do get hyper while others don t have much of a change. Some individuals aren t able to sleep well at night if they drink coffee after dinner. Others can drink it right before bed and still saw logs all night long. You will have to pay attention to how coffee seems to affect your own body.

It is important to get regular check ups from your doctor. Don t be one of those people that only makes an appointment when you don t feel well. This way you can keep a good eye on your cholesterol, weight, and even heart disease. Your doctor will help you to address areas in your lifestyle where you may need to look at making some changes.

If coffee was that bad for you, would people be drinking it in the volumes that they do? It is amazing when you find out that billions of dollars are spent annually on coffee for the home, at coffee shops, and in restaurants. If it were to all be taken away you can be sure there would be plenty of irate customers out there willing to do anything to get it back.

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