Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers

You sit in a restaurant and order a cup of coffee. The waiter brings you a cup of coffee that you really like. Great, you think. An hour later you order another cup. This time the coffee is bitter, sour and almost undrinkable. What happened here? Well, the pot with coffee has been sitting on a warming plate.

Leaving coffee on a warming plate is one of the worst things you can do to it. The intense heat burns the coffee and gradually destroys all the flavor. Yet, with glass carafe coffee makers there is no other way to keep the coffee hot. That is where thermal carafe coffee makers enter the scene.

The most obvious advantage of thermal carafe coffee makers is that they can keep your drink hot for hours without compromising the flavor. This is perfect for daily use in your office, home or anywhere you regularly like to enjoy sipping a cup of hot coffee without the tart, bitter taste of coffee that has been sitting on a warming plate all day.

There are more advantages to thermal coffee makers, however. The rugged construction of most thermal makers means years and years of use, and the brushed stainless steel exteriors are really stylish.

How do these marvelous things work to keep our coffee fresh and hot whenever we need it? Well, the thermal carafes are specially designed with double wall insulating systems. This insulation system keeps the heat in the carafe so your coffee stays hot for several hours. A great thing about it is that there is no warming plate - nothing to burn your coffee and destroy its delicate flavor.

Some of the thermal coffee makers on offer come with very handy additional features such as automatic shut off, built-in-grinder or many programmable settings. You can set your coffee maker to start brewing early in the morning before your alarm clock goes off and by the time you get up, a pot of hot and delicious coffee will be waiting for you. There is even a thermal coffee maker that comes with a steam wand - excellent for those coffee lovers who love milk based drinks.

Now let's have a look at who manufactures thermal carafe coffee makers. Capresso and Bunn are two brands that you should definitely consider. What sets these two apart is that their coffee makers actually use a proper brewing temperature (a thing that unfortunately cannot be said about a lot of other coffee makers). Zojirushi, Braun, Black & Decker and Cuisinart also offer thermal carafe coffee makers that have very good customer reviews.

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