Coffee Selections From Around the World

The selection of coffees and beans available today is nearly endless which also means there is a lot of delight to be had in enjoying them.

When you think of the variety of coffee today, there is a good chance the Columbian will be somewhere high on your list and, rightfully so, since it is world-renown. For example, the La Esperanza is grown at nearly six thousand feet in Tolima and it shows with its high tone yet delicate smell. This cherry-like mixture of milk chocolate and pipe tobacco is quite a surprising delight.

Expectedly, the world's second leading coffee producer has far more to offer, such as the Supremo. This blend of vanilla and a small taste of semi-sweet chocolate is delicious, but be sure to drink it while it is hot as it fades quickly.

The Kona from Hawaii comes in both medium and darker roasts, though the dark roast has a slight acid taste. Still a favorite is the espresso roast which is dark and strong in character and only minimally acidic.

Moving over to Africa, we will find the tasty Tanzanian Peaberry brew which is grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Peaberries are oval shaped rather than the flat-sided shape of most beans, with one result of this being a lighter body and higher acidic character.

While in Africa, you could always stop by Ethiopia, home to the citrus-flavored brew found in the Yirgacheffe region. This blend combines orange peel, giner and lemon for a tart, chocolate delight.

Heading east to India, we can see the famous Monsoon Malabar and also enjoy one of the area's sweet, raisin toned Jumboors. Or, be sure to try the apricot flavored brew resulting three months of wet winds and puffy yellow beans for an unforgettable taste.

Continue traveling east toward Indonesia, and we will reach Sumatra where its jasmine-like coffee flower produces a sharp, cherry hinted brew. From the Lake Toba region, this light roast coffee offers a sweet and flowery cup of coffee. While in this area, traveling slightly north you can find the traditional darker roasts in a tropical, spicy brew with a small taste of grapefruit and cedar.

Hop on a plane to Vietnam and you can try a Robusta from Lampung. The process of washing, drying and polishing results in an astringent, woody brew that is quite the competitor against its higher-toned Arabica counterpart.

Be sure to stop by Jamaica on your way home, as the Jamaican peaberry is an opportunity to discover coffee from a unique source reflecting its African association and single bean. But, the effect is very different resulting in a sweet acidity, full-bodied brew with strong floral overtones. This cup of coffee is, certainly, a strong blend of this single Jamaican bean.

As you can see, there is a distinct coffee to be experienced all around the globe. So, the next time you are traveling overseas or to a new place, be sure to include coffee as part of your experiences in that culture and community. What a meaningful treat for any traveler, especially coffee lovers!

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