Coffee in Cooking Recipes

When a drink is both ancient as well as international it has an advantage, which is, it can be prepared in wide variety of ways owing to its long history. Coffee is one such drink.

From a list that literally can go on and on, you can pick out Cuban Cubano, Grop, Mexican Mocha or the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is a tricky one, but take the risk to try this out. Set your oven to 300F (134C) and bake a coconut for thirty minutes. Take it out and let the baked coconut cool. After sometime break the shell open, separate the inner flesh and make a paste. Mix coconut milk, a half cup of cows milk and the baked paste in a pan and set it to heat till the time the mixture becomes thick. Now strain the mixture for separating any shred of coconut granules. Put a cup of coffee into the mixture. Sit back and enjoy.

The Mexican Mocha is a creamy mix of chocolate and coffee one of the best combinations of two ingredients. You would need a teaspoon of your favorite chocolate syrup to which you have to put a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg and cinnamon. Slowly add a cup of coffee and add organic white sugar or regular sugar as per your taste. Mixing whipping cream or outing it as an accessory on top both will make it an irresistible drink.

Grop is a conventional holiday drink originating from the British Isles. Steadily peel a big orange and divide into slices. Repeat it with a lemon. Put a slice about the size of an orange peel on the cups bottom. Now mix into it a pinch each of grated cloves and nutmeg, one-third tablespoon of butter and finally a tablespoon of butter. Cinnamon is the next ingredient to join the others. Stir while adding a half cup of coffee. For taste go free with rich cream. Wow!

Viennese, Turkish and Vietnamese are the other favored beverages.

The Viennese coffee is made when you melt one eighth cup of dark chocolate into a sauce pan while stirring in one tablespoon of light cream. Put a half cup of coffee and keep on whipping till it attains a frothy texture. Let it settle. Cocoa and cinnamon are next sprinkled across the surface and raise a toast because its done. Simple!

Now we can try the Turkish delight. If you are in possession of the special dzezva pots for boiling the coffee, then nothing like it. You have heard correctly, you need to boil the coffee! This one is a strong coffee. Begin with finely grated Turkish coffee. Pour water measuring one cup into a pot, to which you have to put a half teaspoon of sugar. Now boil it all. Take it away from the heat and add a teaspoon of the ground coffee, stir the concoction and again deliver it to the heat. Remove when you see a layer of foam floating on the surface, then let the temperature drop.

From Vietnam lets bring the lip smacking iced coffee. For this you will need a Vietnamese coffee press. This is the most difficult step. Drop the ground coffee into the press and then pour a teaspoon of condensed milk into an empty cup. Boiling water needs to be poured over the press and let the liquid drip. Stir and put ice. Simply delicious.

But you know what will be the best step to take. Why go to so much trouble. Pack your bags and taste buds, hop around the world and let the natives dish the coffee flavors to you!

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