Espresso Machines: Overview

When it comes to a great cup of coffee, size really does matter. And if you're looking for more muscle in your mug, smaller is certainly better. It really is amazing how much power can be packed into a teeny cup of espresso.

There are all kinds of coffee, made in all kinds of machines. Drip machines, hand brew machines and old-fashioned presses remain popular choices. Pod machines are the newest gadgets taking up space in haute couture kitchens. But if you want the richest cup of coffee, take it from the experts: stick to espresso machines.

Not for the faint of heart, espresso is the coffee of choice for those who prefer a full, rich flavour. As with any type of coffee, the key to brewing success is starting out with coffee beans that have been ground to the proper consistency. In fact, proper grinding is paramount to good espresso. If the grind is too coarse, the espresso will be weak and watery. Too fine, on the other hand, and the result will be a bitter tasting, overly extracted espresso.

In order to obtain the perfect grind, put your everyday coffee grinder away and purchase a special espresso grinder, or use the burr grinder available with many espresso machines. The ideal grind will guarantee the best flavour. Proper grinders work to release the essential oils and flavours from your espresso beans.

Of course, there's more to the perfect brew than just the beans. The brewing process is equally important is creating a delicious cup of espresso. If your espresso machine has a good pump, your espresso will be fully brewed within the suggested 15 to 20 second time limit. Ideally, there will be dark brown foam called "crema" forming on the surface as the espresso is dripping into the cup. Timing is of the essence when removing cups from brewing machines. Be sure to take away your cup before the liquid turns to a whitish-brown, or you will risk spoiling the entire cup.

If brewed correctly, the entire amount of espresso will not exceed one and a half fluid ounces. Any more, and you've likely used too much water, resulting in a bitter tasting espresso.

Now you don't have to go to a restaurant for a great cup of espresso. Anyone wanting a truly rich, robust coffee experience and brew it right at home with a good quality espresso machine.

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