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Coffee makers have been around nearly as long as coffee itself. The Turkish Ibrik is the original coffee brewer and is still used in the Middle East. This simple copper container with a long handle and grooved tongue produces a rather strong brew considering it does not filter.

But, for those who prefer to drink a beverage rather than eat coffee grounds, there are many different types available from simple to the inimitable deluxe makers. Here are some of the things you will want to look for in a coffee maker.

The lower priced drip model makes up the majority of coffee makers today. You simply pour water into the top and let the water pass through the grounds as it is heated by an electric coil. Of course, the pot is resting on a heated plate to keep it warm. This is the most common coffee maker. But, beyond this basic model, a few features on coffee makers are particularly useful.

The controls on coffee makers have transformed to the point that many resemble a stereo. Display screens show the actual time, the brew time, a timer, the temperature and several other useful pieces of information depending on the model. However, the "level of brew desired" is necessary control although more rather than less control may be preferred.

Another useful feature is the auto-shutoff, especially for those who often forget to turn appliances off. This may make these models of coffee makers the inimitable choice. Most today tend to be too busy to wait for the entire process to finish, so they often remove the pot before the water has completed draining. Coffee continues to drip and splashes onto the heating plate, at least it did in the past. Automatic shut-off now solves this problem. The water flow stops when the pot is removed, thus preventing this problem.

The lighted LCD screens are also useful in the dark, perhaps in the mornings, when you have not yet found the light switch or are still not quite awake.

Cleaning is also much easier with the invention of coffee pods, which are small, individual containers of coffee that water flows through. An extra benefit is that they provide good filtering for the ground coffee. Once brewing is finished, you simply pop the pods out and throw them away. Pods are terrific for the busy coffee drinker who does not have time to clean.

Some models even come with water filters which is a great added feature for the city dweller since quality water is very important to a good cup of coffee. Filters may be a bit expensive, but waking up to a delicious cup of coffee is invaluable.

Yes, you can get a permanent coffee filter but they are less important with pods. However, there is still some debate over the effect on the environment and taste from these pods. So, do what you feel is best.

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