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From the European companies that managed to get a name on the coffee market, Gevalia is one of the most well-known. Served mainly in the Scandinavian area, Gevalia coffee is part of a flourishing commerce with America, where the company found a very good market to exploit. Gevalia coffee line is the property of Kraft Foods and it has a tradition that goes back to the mid-nineteenth century when it was merely a family business. It made a century of history in the field before being purchased by the large Kraft concern, and though in Europe, it is considered a regular brand, Gevalia coffee enjoys a premium status in the United States.

Why is Gevalia coffee so praised for? Well, the main feature of this type of coffee lies in the balanced flavor for which the high quality Arabica beans are responsible. This brand uses no less than six types of Arabica, imported from several parts of the world: Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya and Brazil. The combination prevents the prevalence of a too acidic type of beans, but also ensures a truly exquisite flavor. Presently, besides the Gevalia coffee types, there are all sorts of tea blends that are being sold under the same brand, also enjoying immense popularity.

A nice and original thing about Gevalia coffee is the use of seasonal flavors as part of very well advertised campaigns in both Europe and across the Atlantic. For spring, Gevalia offers Pecan Torte, summer is defined by the Blueberry Crème, autumn comes with Pumpkin Spice and winter is touched by the sweetness of German Chocolate Cake. These unique Gevalia coffee flavors can be shipped to you according to specifications, and you will benefit from a 10% discount from the catalog price and various promotional gifts on the house.

Besides Gevalia coffee and tea varieties, the company has a well promoted department of gifts for various occasions: they are cataloged under the name of gift baskets, and they include chocolate bars, bezels, cookies and all sorts of coffee packs, one more special than the other. Some such baskets are especially designed for comfortable cozy breakfasts served at home, making you feel spoiled and appreciated. Besides the regular Gevalia coffee, you'll also find tea varieties and breakfast goodies such as biscotti, muffins or edible flowers. Some of these surprise gifts are particularly designed for the winter holidays when they bring a smile on the faces of both children and grown ups.

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